Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Bella Hadid fans are unhappy with her new project. And that's why! -


The model announced the launch of its NFT project. Bella Hadid has unveiled her first NFT release, titled CY-B3LLA, in which buyers will be allowed to meet her in person. The model announced the new project on social networks, and there was a lot of noise around the release.

“Say hello to CY-B3LLA,” Bella captioned the post. “We have been reminded too many times that the universe we live in is not perfect. But I believe it provides a real opportunity to build a meta-community supported by peace, love, compassion, and meaningful connections,” continued the model.

Created in collaboration with reBASE, CY-B3LLA will feature 11,111 exclusive NFTs, each featuring a unique 3D model of Bella herself and will also serve as a means of connecting with her fans. What’s more, those who collect the NFT will have the opportunity to meet Hadid in person along with other exclusive events. Hadid says her NFT is the start of a new chapter in her relationship with fans: “This is just the beginning. In the coming months, we will grow this new meta-nation with real-world locations and events where I can meet each and every one of you.”

However, despite Bella’s efforts to please her fans, many of them were dissatisfied. The main complaint of users is that digital reality has a negative impact on the environment, and Bella positions herself as an activist, which means she contradicts her own principles. While the supermodel has a dedicated fan base of over 52 million followers on Instagram, most reactions range from confusion to frustration. One TikTok user commented that the caption reads like the monologue of a villain’s character in a dystopian / sci-fi novel before society is completely shattered. Another said, “I honestly can’t understand.

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