Sunday, June 26, 2022

Arnold Curses His Old Accent Coach, Says He Should Get His Money Back -


Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the greatest individuals of his generation, sat down with Howard Stern recently and reminisced over his long and legendary career and remarked on every transition he went through.

Arnold of course began in the world of bodybuilding where he was immediately a worldwide sensation but conquering the world of bodybuilding wasn’t enough for Arnie, Arnold wanted to come to America and become a movie star.

His first role in a Hollywood movie was in Hercules In New York, which controversially had an American actor dubbing over Arnold’s lines, no doubt due to Arnold’s thick accent. Howard Stern inquired from Arnold whether this act annoyed or infuriated Arnold in any way, but Arnold’s reaction was actually quite the opposite. Arnold was just happy to be in Hollywood and getting his shot at making his dream come true.

After the initial attempt, Arnold began getting serious about his ambitions as an actor and started taking acting classes and even started working with an accent coach to avoid the issues from his first movie. Arnold joked in the interview that the accent coach should return his money.

“That guy should give me my money back, by the way,” said the movie star. This is in reference to the fact that to this day Arnold is known primarily for the unique accent and voice that he brings to all of his roles. The accent is Arnold’s trademark which has prompted comedians, actors, and people from all walks of life to do impressions of Arnold.

Arnold further talked about how he accomplished pretty much everything he set out to accomplish in his career and all of his dreams came true. He preached the lesson that he has always preached that hard work is ultimately the only thing that decides whether or not one succeeds.

“From the time you set a big goal, you will have the naysayers say ‘this is stupid, you’ll never make it, this is ridiculous, no one has ever done this,’ but you totally forget that you can break new ground and do things that no one has ever done before. I was determined to do that,” said the Terminator actor.

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