Sunday, June 12, 2022

Andrew Garfield And Zendaya Friendship; The Peter And MJ Connection Across Universes -


Andrew Garfield and Zendaya have a newfound friendship ever since hitting the set of Spider Man: No Way Home together and it is full of love and appreciation. The fans are all about it.

In the recent issue of the Magazine, Zendaya and Andrew both made the Time 100 Most Influential Individuals list and had a chance to attend the Time 100 Gala. At the Gala, Andrew was interviewed and had nothing but praise for the 25 year old actress.

Andrew described Zendaya as “Inspiring,” and “a force of Nature.” Andrew expressed how honored he was to be able to share a platform with someone like Zendaya who in his opinion was definitely going to contribute a positive change to the world. “She’s one of those people… She’s an angel for the good,” said the actor.

Zendaya and Andrew recently also talked about each other in depth for Variety’s Actors on Actors issue, where they discussed their time on set of Spider Man: No Way home.

Zendaya commented on the fact that Andrew along with the other Spider Men actors had her laughing on the set all the time and created an incredibly fun environment which she enjoyed very much. Zendaya further went on to admit that she, like many people, completely forgot that Andrew is actually a British actor because he would be speaking in an American accent on set all the time. The two had a good laugh about it.

Andrew once again went on a compliment spree for Zendaya and talked about how much he admired her performance as the character Rue on HBO’s hit series Euphoria.

Euphoria is known for extremely emotional and traumatizing themes which the show explores and Andrew commented on that as well, stating that after watching one of the episodes of the show where Zendaya’s character had to go through some particularly traumatizing events, he became genuinely concerned for Zendaya’s health since he as an actor is aware that acting out such scenes can be taxing on a person’s health.

Zendaya admitted that the acting was tough but she got several messages from fans and friends after the episode aired, checking up on her health which was a sweet sentiment to her.

The two actors seem to have grown a healthy friendship based on mutual respect for each other and fans can’t get enough.

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