Thursday, June 23, 2022

Amber Heard was witnessed shopping at a value store -


The network discusses Amber Heard‘s shopping in the TJ Maxx discount clothing store. Photos of the actress, taken at a New York discount store, were published by the TMZ tabloid.

The company of the actress during shopping was her sister Whitney Henriquez, who supported Amber’s side during the trial with her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard faces a harsh and costly reality after her trial with Johnny Depp. She owes millions, so it’s no wonder the actress is on the hunt for bargains.

Recall that, following the trial results, Heard must personally pay Depp $ 8.3 million (in total, Amber owes $ 15 million, but some will pay legal costs.

Still, Amber’s lawyers have already officially stated that she cannot afford to pay such an amount as damages.

Many netizens felt that going to a cheap store was nothing more than a ploy by Heard’s PR team to show the deplorable financial condition of the actress and pity the public. As a result, photos and videos from TJ Maxx began to be discussed on Twitter.

In a previous post, Amber Heard continued to try to prove her case after she lost the trial to her ex-husband Johnny Depp: the jury found the actress guilty of libel against her ex-husband and called her to pay a settlement for $ 15 million.

In addition, Hurd gave an interview to NBC, in which she presented new evidence that the actor allowed physical violence against her.

Amber said and noted that her doctor kept records for several years.

So, the documents shown in the video describe an incident that occurred in 2012: Depp allegedly “hit her and threw her on the floor.”

Then, eight months later, he “ripped her nightgown and threw her on the bed” and later “thrown her against the wall and risked to kill her.”

Heard noted that her lawyers could not use these documents in court because the judge considered these “rumors” and forbade Amber’s team to provide them as evidence.


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