Monday, June 27, 2022

Al Pacino had to make excuses for the cover on the smartphone -


Al Pacino is one of the most famous actors in the world. He has played leading roles in many cult films. And despite his impressive age, to this day, he continues to act in films and lead an active social life.

And in April of this year, Al did become a star of the Network after Jason Momoa shared a picture in which he posed with the legendary actor.

The fact is that Pacino’s phone lay on the table during a friendly dinner. Attentive fans quickly noticed that the actor chose a case for the smartphone with the image of the main character of the cartoon “Shrek.” This charming detail made many people laugh.

Almost three months later, the Godfather movie star finally explained how he got such an interesting accessory. “It was given to me by my daughter.

The youngest heiress just put it on my smartphone,” Pacino explained. He stressed that he did not even pay attention to this cover until the picture with him went viral on the Web.

“I didn’t even look at it until the hype started on social media. It was only later that I looked and realized that it was Shrek,” Al admitted in an interview with Today journalists. However, the actor stressed that he still kept this case, as it was a gift from his daughter.

When NBC News correspondent Harry Smith asked if Pacino had a case that seemed more appropriate for a girl to start middle school, he joked, “Sure, it was a gift!” “It’s the single biggest thing I’ve ever had,” said one fan.

DreamWorks Animation even tweeted, “Real Identity Real,” featuring a photo of the Shrek with a phone case adorned with Pacino’s faces.

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