Wednesday, June 1, 2022

A $79 million mansion, Brad Pitt presented Jennifer Aniston -


The actor still treats his ex-wife with warmth. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston divorced in 2005 but have since made several public appearances together. The ex-lovers maintained a warm relationship and still kept in touch. The other day it became known that the actor gave a generous gift to his ex-wife.

It turns out that back in 2019, Pitt bought and gave Jennifer the mansion in Beverly Hills where they lived during their marriage. Thus, the actor congratulated the ex-lover on her 50th birthday. The property cost him $79 million. This became known only now.

After the divorce, the former spouses put this mansion up for sale. Aniston was upset when she found out about this. The actress regretted that she did not buy out the share of her ex-husband. As a result, Pitt decided to surprise her and rewrote the entire house for Jennifer.

Brad wants to give Jane a hint that goes beyond her wildest dreams, so when her old house came up for sale, she knew it would be a fulfillment of all her dreams. ‘ A source told New Idea. When Brad and Jane split up, she said losing her dream home increased her heartache because of their divorce and was the biggest regret of not buying Broad outside, a source told the publication. ۔

The Hollywood heavyweight is said to have always remembered her former home, struggling to leave her behind when her marriage failed. He even referred to her on several occasions when they reunited, saying that her current Bell aviation had never been in line with their Beverly Hills estate, “the source added. Brad has raised the bar with this birthday present, and the gesture raises the question of whether the actor still raises the flame for Jane.

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