Wednesday, June 8, 2022

40-Year-old Sienna Miller, without makeup, looks incredibly young next to her 25-Year-old boyfriend -


Although Sienna Miller is one of the most beautiful women in all of Hollywood, she still has not had time to be married.

However, the star itself, it seems, does not hurt at all. After three unsuccessful engagements, she was going to marry gallery owner Lukas Zwirner, but in 2021 she broke off the engagement and broke up with her lover.

“I have quite a lot of experience in becoming quite famous. But this leads to complete impotence in front of the tabloids. Understand, anyone can write anything about me.

This is the real madness. I dealt with my problems in public. However, I am not on the list of women who dream of marriage. I got engaged many times but never went to the altar,” the celebrity noted in an interview.

However, Sienna was not alone for long. In February of this year, she confirmed an affair with 25-year-old fashion model Oli Green. The couple has repeatedly appeared at social events together. And although while Miller is in no hurry to talk about her lover in an interview, she does not hide her feelings for him in public.

So, the other day, the star, along with her chosen one, appeared at a tennis tournament, which was held in France. Naturally, the attention of many photographers was riveted to the lovers, who exchanged tender glances. Internet users also could not help but note that without makeup, Miller, next to Green, began to look younger.

Demonstrating his sense of humor, the BAFTA nominee said: “I think it’s better than three divorces.”

Cena returned to the New York Knicks game in February with her new husband Oli back, apparently confirming their romance.

The rising star has been modeling for a long time and was the face of the Burberry 2018 campaign and has also modeled for high street retailer GAP.

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