Thursday, June 30, 2022

Chris Evans Offered to Play Wolverine in Marvel Movies -


Directors Anthony and Joe Russo (Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame) have revealed in an interview with ComicBook that they would like to see Chris Evans play Wolverine.

Filmmakers believe that the actor could handle the role of Wolverine in Marvel better than Captain America. “He is an incredible actor.

He doesn’t look like Captain America at all. Steve Rogers is very reserved and quiet. Chris is energetic, funny, and charismatic; he brings a lot of energy. I would like him to do something like Wolverine,” said Joe Russo.

Earlier it was reported that a cinema in Oklahoma tried to censor the new cartoon “Buzz Lightyear” – a solo spin-off of one of the heroes of the Toy Story franchise. In the original, the main characters are voiced by Chris Evans and Taika Waititi.

A movie theater in Oklahoma has tried to censor Pixar’s new cartoon Buzz Lightyear, a solo spin-off of one of the heroes of the Toy Story franchise.

The reason for the censorship was the scene of a same-sex kiss between the cartoon characters Alisha Hawthorne (Uzo Aduba) and her wife.

The kiss was originally cut from the film at the discretion of Disney but was later restored by Pixar, who refused to remove homosexual overtones from their films.

Screenrant reports that the owners of a theater in Oklahoma attempted to censor the kiss episode on their own before the opening but changed their minds at the last minute.

Buzz Lightyear is set in a fictional movie that the protagonist of the Toy Story trilogy, boy Andy, saw on TV, after which he had a burning desire to buy himself a space ranger toy.

The original lead roles in Buzz Lightyear are voiced by Chris Evans and Taika Waititi. The tape was released worldwide in mid-June 2021.

Kendrick Lamar created for Tiffany & Co. crown of thorns tiara -


Jewelry House Tiffany & Co. showed the result of a collaboration with American rap artist Kendrick Lamar and pgLang co-founder Dave Free.

They presented the “Crown of Thorns” in the form of a titanium crown with pavé diamonds. This was reported in a press release from the house.

Rapper Kendrick Lamar and actor Dave Free first approached Tiffany & Co. with the idea of ​​creating a Crown of Thorns-inspired crown headpiece in 2021.

Four Tiffany craftsmen worked on the creation of the jewelry for ten months. The crown, weighing almost 200 grams, is made of polished titanium and is set with more than 8,000 diamonds with a total weight of more than 137 carats.

For the jewelry house, Kendrick Lamar “represents the artistry, creative adventurism and relentless innovation that also define Tiffany & Co.,” said Alexandre Arno, executive vice president of product and communications for Tiffany & Co. for nearly two centuries.”

“We are proud and incredibly excited to be working with a visionary like Kendrick in realizing the beautification of his vision,” he said.

Kendrick Lamar wore jewelry during his headlining performance at the Glastonbury Festival on June 26 this year.

Earlier, It was said that the Gucci house was selling a jacket for dogs.

Italian fashion house Gucci presented the Gucci Pet collection, which includes clothes, collars, and harnesses for dogs and cats. This was reported on the brand’s website.

The fashion house said creative director Alessandro Michele tried to reimagine the brand’s DNA and present a wide range of clothing and items while creating the collection for animals; he also took into account the personality of each breed and put this aspect at the forefront.

“The Gucci Pet Collection fills everyday life with a magical aura,” the company’s website says. “Designed in a colorful campaign inspired by retro style, each animal has its own personality.

In New York, What did Madonna's concert remember -


Lately, Madonna gave a concert in New York during the Pride Month celebrations. Remember that in June, many countries around the world hold events to draw attention to the problems of the LGBT community.

As a recognized defender of minority rights, Madonna did not stand aside and performed brilliantly, inviting the famous Drag Queens who took part in the show “Royal Races of Ru Paul.”

However, Madonna’s performance with the Dominican rap artist Tokischa, who became famous online for her outrageous behavior, attracted the most public attention. The artists sang the song Hang Up as a duet, ending with a kiss.

Fans of Pop Diva immediately began comparing her to the legendary kisses of Madonna and Britney Spears on MTV VMAs in 2003, which the singers recently repeated at the wedding of Britney and her boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

Videos also spread on social media showing one of Madonna’s sons, 16-year-old David Bandu, taking the stage during the song Celebration and joining the dancers.

David did not officially come out, but many believe that Madonna posted a video where her son kisses another guy. It’s also no mystery that David often arises in public in dresses.

In a previous post, A variety of celebrities have always loved to borrow something from Madonna’s style, but when the children of a pop icon copy her images, this invariably delights the Western press.

So, so everyone drew attention to the joint appearance of Madonna and her son: the singer came to the boxing match last weekend in a black tracksuit, and 16-year-old David Banda chose a red dress with a V-neck from the Adidas x Gucci collaboration. To him, he picked up jewelry from Vivienne Westwood and black sneakers.



Madonna fears for her children. And that's why -


The U.S. Supreme Court recently overturned abortion rights in six states. For several days now, Hollywood stars have been actively expressing their position on this issue.

Zendaya, Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Ashley Graham, and many others said their opinion. Madonna did not stand aside either.

The day before, the singer posted a post in which she expressed dissatisfaction with the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court. In addition, the pop diva admitted that she was apprehensive about her daughters’ future.

“I woke up to the terrible news that Roe v. Wade has been dropped. Instead, legislation has decreed that we as women no longer have rights to our bodies.

This decision plunged all the other women of this country and me into deep despair,” Madonna began.

“The Supreme Court decided that women’s rights are not constitutional. In fact, we have fewer rights to our own bodies than to the purchase of weapons.

I’m so afraid for my daughters. I fear for all the women in America. I’m just scared,” the star wrote.

The singer’s opinion was supported by many stars, including Naomi Campbell, Julia Fox, and Debi Mazar.

In a previous post, The U.S. Supreme Court recently overturned abortion rights in six states. This decision was criticized by many stars, including Meadow Walker.

On the social network, the girl posted a post in which she not only did not support the decision of politicians but also spoke about her abortion.

“Today is the greatest tragedy in history, a profound injustice against women in the United States. There are countless women who have struggled with the decision to have an abortion,” Paul Walker’s daughter began.

“I also struggled with the choice, but in 2020, with the world collapsing during the pandemic, I tried to have an abortion.

I was lucky to find an excellent doctor who supported me with his help today, I am a happy and healthy person,” admitted Meadow.

A Kenzo catwalk was held, the front row of which was full of celebrities -


The other day Kenzo’s creative director, Nigo, presented his vision of the wardrobe for the next spring-summer season.

Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Cruz Beckham, Jaden Smith, Ansel Elgort, Thylane Blondeau, Eva Queen, and others were the first to appreciate his creative impulse and support the brand.

As Nigo’s idea, in this collection, which for him was the second in a row at the head of Kenzo, he tried to combine the French and Japanese fashion of the 1970s and 1980s.

At that time, Japanese designers were especially appreciated in Paris, and this time can be considered the golden era of Japanese-French fashion. To immerse himself in those trends, Nigo worked with the archives of Kenzo.

He paid special attention to prints for example, he took a wavy strip from the 1988 line and a check from 1993. Although this collection was a continuation of last season’s collection in honor of Kenzo Takada, a series of items inspired by the navy was a creative addition.

You can see nautical collars, berets, and hats with sailor clothes. And the nautical aesthetic is known to be deeply rooted in modern Japanese clothing just look at the school uniform.

The show also featured Thylane Blondeau, who cut a modern figure in a white vest with blue floral printed trousers.

The French model, 20, is also wrapped in a denim jacket and carrying a bright red handbag.

Styling her brunette locks into a ponytail, the star enhanced her outfit with a pair of white trainers.

Some guests arrived at the Avenue Montague’s Dior store for an intimate cocktail in the garden above the flagship before sitting in the old apartment on campus.

Emilia Schüle, a German actress who played Marie Antoinette in the upcoming Canal Plus drama, said she has a special relationship with Dior. She worked with the house on some special clothing and spent time at the designer’s house in the south of France.



We no longer have rights: Madonna urged women to fight for abortion -


63-year-old Madonna has expressed dissatisfaction with the new law on abortion. The American singer felt that the decision of the US Supreme Court is unfair to women.

The seven-time Grammy winner admitted that she was in deep despair. Madonna has four daughters and is worried about their future.

“I woke up to the terrible news that Roe v. Wade has been dropped. Instead, legislation has ruled that we as women no longer have rights to our bodies,” said the Queen of Pop.

Madonna stressed that the new law shook her to the core. “This decision plunged all the women and me in this country into deep despair.

The Supreme Court ruled that women’s rights are not constitutional. We have fewer rights to our bodies than to the purchase of weapons. I’m so afraid for my daughters,” said the singer.

The pop star called on all women to take to the streets and fight for their bodies. “I fear for all the women in America. I’m just scared.

I think God put it on us because He knew we were strong enough to cope with these difficulties.

We are strong to fight! Strong to win. So let’s win! We’ll find a way to get our rights back! Ladies, are you ready to fight?” Madonna asked the fans.

The singer’s appeal to women resonated with celebrities. Madonna was supported by Julia Fox, Naomi Campbell, Debi Mazar, and other famous personalities.

In a previous post, 63-year-old Madonna published cute pictures with six children. The American singer wished herself a Happy Father’s Day.

The pop icon declared that she has every right to celebrate the men’s holiday, as she is not only a mother to her children. The star posed for pictures with the heirs. Under each photo, Madonna congratulated herself on Father’s Day.

“I’m their daddy!” – assured the singer, who brings up children alone. Madonna has every right to call herself not only a mother.

Uma Thurman reveals in an open letter why abortion was her path to happiness -


Uma Thurman shared her experience from her early childhood when she had an abortion as a teenager.

In total, the key to abortion is desired to be terminated for about 36 million women of reproductive age, according to a study by Planned Parenthood, a health organization that conducts abortions.

In this way, women are returning to the “Middle Ages,” and many stars have said out on this topic and strongly criticized the court’s decision.

One of those who determined to speak on this topic is the famous actress Uma Thurman, who revealed that she had an abortion at the age of 15 and that it saved her life and enabled her to become a good mother and a successful woman and her we are transmitting the open letter in its entirety:

“I pursued the course of the radical anti-abortion law in Texas with great sorrow and something like horror.

Now, expecting to draw the flames of debate from weak women who will be immediately affected by this law, I share my experience.

You may not be curious in an actress’ opinion.” but given this shameful move, I feel I must stand up for women.

I began my acting career at 15, working in an environment where I was often the only child in the room.

I accidentally got pregnant with a much older man in my late teens. I lived in Europe, away from my family, and I was preparing to start my career.

I called my family. My mother was seriously ill and hospitalized. My father went to her to talk about what options I had. We had never talked about sex before; this was the first time, and it was horrible for all of us.

They questioned me about the status of my relationship. It was not sustainable and warned me how difficult it could be to raise a baby on my own as a teenager.

Angelina Jolie and her daughters show what to wear when it's hot outside, like in Italy -


Movie star rests with children in between filming. Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie is spending this summer in Italy with her family.

In May, she began filming her next directorial project, Without Blood, a film adaptation of the book of the same name by Italian writer Alessandro Baricco, for which she acquired the rights in 2017.

Jolie adapted the novel herself and is producing the film with independent company Freemantle, with whom she has signed a three-year contract. The film stars Salma Hayek and Demian Bichir.

The film crew filmed the scenes in Puglia, and now they have moved to Rome, which, obviously, Jolie’s daughters are pleased about – you can’t imagine a better place than the Italian capital for shopping!

Reporters filmed the actress and her 17-year-old daughter Zahara during a shopping run.

47-year-old Angelina chose a flared white top with wide straps, white trousers made of thin linen, Louis Vuitton sandals, stylish sunglasses, and a voluminous black leather Yves Saint Laurent bag for a weekend walk.

Zahara also opted for a black and white gamut: a knitted crop top, a tight skirt with a high slit, and Converse sneakers.

On the same day, the paparazzi caught the lens of two other daughters of Jolie.

16-year-old Shiloh and 13-year-old Vivien walked around the Eternal City together, also not forgetting to look into the shops. The sisters’ outfits were based around short denim shorts:

Vivienne wore a black top and a plaid shirt, and Shiloh a white printed T-shirt, black hoodie, and favorite burgundy Vans.

In a previous post, 16-year-old Shiloh has chosen an energetic hobby: the daughter of star parents is dancing at the Millennium Dance Complex and succeeds in it.

The other day, the girl’s instructor, Hamilton Evans, shared a video on social networks in which Shilo dances in the company of other students to the song Lizzo – About Damn Time.

The supermodel Kendall Jenner and her boyfriend are seen together again -


A few days after several media announced the breakup of Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker, celebrities were spotted together!

The stars hit the lenses of the paparazzi at the SoHo House in Malibu. In the photos, the model and the basketball player have a nice time together: they smile, laugh, and … keep at an extremely close distance.

An eyewitness told the tabloid E! News that there was a “strong energy” between Kendall and Devin during the outing.

At some point, as the insider noted, Devin began to whisper something in the model’s ear, and she giggled.

Their reunion comes a week after a source close to the Kardashian family told E! News about the parting of the stars.

According to an insider, the supermodel and her boyfriend broke up due to different views on the future a few weeks after attending the Italian wedding of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker together.

Note that so far, neither Kendall nor Devin have publicly commented on their breakup. So, maybe the breakup news is fake? And maybe the guys reconciled!

There is an option that the ex-lovers just decide to remain good friends… But we are still for the version about love.

In a previous post, A week after breaking up with boyfriend Devin Booker, Kendall Jenner seems to have decided to show her ex-lover what he lost.

The star posted several summer shots on social networks, but the first photo attracted the attention of users the most.

The fact is that in the picture, Kendall is sunbathing completely naked the cap does not count.

In the racy photo, Jenner lies on a sun lounger, looking at her phone. Next to the model is her swimsuit, which she took off in order to enjoy sunbathing to the maximum. Well, or in order to annoy Devin.

The ugliest of the Kardashian sisters?: On Khloe Kardashian's birthday, together with a psychologist -


Despite the fact that Khloe Kardashian has achieved some success both as an actress and as an entrepreneur, she still loses to her sisters in popularity.

And at the mention of the name Kardashian, the name Kim immediately pops up in the minds of most people, while many do not even suspect the existence of Khloe.

If we look to where, in the opinion of many, all the troubles of a person come from, that is, in childhood, we can easily see that it did not go so smoothly.

Today, Chloe is doing her best to promote body positivity and has even released a separate clothing line. The girl regularly posts her hard workouts on the blog, and her special diets are walking around the Web.

She can not do without the help of plastic surgeons. All this shows that the topic of one’s own body is still quite acute for a celebrity, despite the weight shed.

This is probably why the reality star is unable to completely avoid body-shaming.

Another interesting episode from the biography when her older sisters graduated from school, Chloe also stopped visiting her, transferring to homeschooling.

Of course, the reasons for this may be different, but the fact remains that she did not study without relatives. Although, by the way, she graduated from high school with honors.

It is unlikely that the divorce of her parents passed without a trace for the girl; she was then only five years old.

And if before that she was just the youngest of the sisters, then after the new marriage, her mother was exactly in the middle of a series of sisters: 2 older sisters and two younger siblings.

Khloe has become a kind of link between the two halves – not the easiest position in the family.

Keith Urban showed what his wife Nicole Kidman looks like without makeup -


The actress responded to the singer with an equally candid photo

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban recently celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary. The couple congratulated each other with candid posts on personal accounts.

The 55-year-old Oscar-winning actress posted a photo from their wedding, writing that these 16 years together were wonderful, and she still remembers that day as if it were yesterday.

But the 54-year-old singer put them with Nicole’s selfie, in which the actress is almost unrecognizable. First, she posed in oversized sunglasses that covered half her face and a straw hat.

Secondly, the actress was without a gram of makeup and jewelry. Thirdly, her hair was pulled back. And if it weren’t for Keith, who captioned the photo:

“Happy 16 years with this baby,” then no one would have ever guessed that his wife Nicole Kidman was next to him.

Recall that Nicole and Keith got married in 2006 in Australia. The couple has two daughters together: 13-year-old Sunday Rose and 11-year-old Faith Margaret.

Also, Kidman has two adopted children who appeared in her life when she was married to Tom Cruise: Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony these children do not communicate with their mother, as she disapproves of their religious views (they are fond of Scientology).

In a previous post, In 1999, the film “Eyes Wide Shut” was released, in which Nicole played along with her husband, Tom Cruise. Many consider this picture a turning point not only for the relationship of this star couple although they divorced only in 2001 but also in the image of an actress.

She began to experiment with styling and got acquainted with red lipstick, although she was still more often seen with minimalist makeup with pink lips.

And during this period, the actress was first suspected of having turned to a plastic surgeon and began to abuse fillers.

Lady Gaga, in a sensual silver gown, acted at the wedding -


Lady Gaga overwhelmed as she took to the stage during her grand wedding on Lake Como this past weekend.

The “Hold My Hand” hit singer flashed silver as she acted at the wedding of British hedge fund billionaire Alan Howard, 58, and celebrity chef Caroline Byron, 33, at the chic Olmo mansion.

Gaga was the epitome of glamor in her performance, which was captured by model Victoria Silvstedt, one of the VIP attendees.

The “Bad Romance” singer wore a sparkly silver Garo Sparo dress with a low neckline, criss-cross shoulder straps, and a thigh-high slit. Her hair was styled in a short blonde bob, and her face wore dramatic stage make-up for a vampire old Hollywood look.

It wasn’t the Oscar winner’s only outfit for the evening. Halfway through the performance, she wore a sexy Yves Saint Laurent strapless black dress to sit down at the piano and play some tunes.

The vintage velvet design was framed in rhinestones, making it perfect for an upscale crowd.

The crowd went into a frenzy as she rocked her song “Shallow” from the hit movie A Star Is Born.

She completed the look in a big way, wearing a pink sequined Adrian Manceras dress and a wild feather headpiece for her latest look.

Gaga went above and beyond for a private performance, and it’s no wonder why. The star charges over $1 million for private performances, so she made sure to give it her all.

However, the seven-figure fee seems like a small change for fiancé Alan, who is reportedly worth around $3.2 billion.

Ranked 951 on Forbes’ list of billionaires, the financial mogul co-founded macro-trading firm Brevan Howard Asset Management. Caroline is a renowned gluten-free chef and cookbook author who runs the popular blog Simply Caro.

Victoria Beckham in a lace mini became the star of the show Jacquemus -


The long-awaited presentation of the new Jacquemus collection took place in the French city of Arles, which was attended by many stars.

Victoria Beckham also came to look at the clothing line and the collaboration with Nike. The wife of a famous athlete chose an outfit that simply could not go unnoticed.

Victoria arrived at the Le Papier show in a luxurious black lace mini, complementing it with a cropped blazer and matching stocking boots.

The celebrity did not forget about sunglasses. In the hands of Beckham was a clutch with gold trim.

She, by the way, proudly posed next to Simon Port Jacquemus, who looked relaxed, wearing a T-shirt with a shirt and cargo pants.

Internet users could not help but pay attention to the graceful figure of a mother of many children.

In the comments, they spoke enthusiastically about Victoria’s slender legs. “She just can’t wear black; she looks too thin anyway,” “Victoria is just wonderful,” “Victoria and Simon are two legends,” admiring celebrity fans respond.

Guests accompanied the fashion designer, including French actor Vincent Cassell, 55, and especially his younger wife – 25-year-old actress Tina Kanakey.

Tina looked sensational as she and her husband Vincent wore a backless sheer black dress with cutout details.

She stood next to her actor husband, who chose casual clothing, a white shirt that he left open at the collar and a pair of blue denim jeans.

Vincent was seen approaching Tina as he posed on a white salt flat against the blue sky without clouds in the sunny south of France.

Tina’s halter dress left her bare arms and shoulders exposed to the hot afternoon air.

The dress had a tassel detail hanging on the skirt.

Recall that recently Beckham has noticeably changed. Previously, she chose rather strict and stylish costumes, but now she increasingly prefers more spicy and revealing outfits. However, in the heat, we would not recommend wearing this.


Amber Heard will still appeal the libel conviction -


Amber Heard is not backing down yet and is preparing to deal her ex-husband a new blow.

On Friday, the opposing legal teams gathered in a Fairfax courtroom with Judge Penny Azkarate. Instead of entering into a Settlement agreement, the actress’s representatives said she would appeal the results of a six-week libel trial.

“As yesterday’s congressional hearing said, you don’t ask for clemency if you’re innocent. And you don’t drop an appeal if you know you’re right,” spokesman Heard said.

The meeting came just weeks after the controversial lawsuit ended on June 1. The Jury awarded Depp $15 million in damages, which was eventually reduced to just over $10 million under established Virginia law, while Amber herself received $2 million in damages.

Judge Azkarat told Heard’s lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, that the actress must post a bond of $8.35 million and 6% per annum in order for the appeal to be formally heard.

However, Bredehoft has previously said that Amber is “absolutely unable” to pay for the judgment, casting doubt on her next move.

In her first post-trial interview with Dateline and its host Savannah Guthrie, the actress provided even more evidence, including a folder of notes from her therapist that could help change the court’s decision in favor of the star.

But Amber herself admitted that she still loves her ex-husband, and she will continue to stick to her testimony in court “until death .”

In a previous post, The judge overseeing the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard delivered a final verdict on the case on Friday.

He literally allowed them to reach a last-minute settlement. But a spokesman for the Aquaman star has already said that the actress plans to appeal the verdict.

Amber has 30 days to file a notice of appeal. The Jury returned a verdict on June 1, ruling that the former spouses slandered each other. However, the decision largely tipped in Depp’s favor.

What we know about Depp's return to the role of Jack Sparrow -


It looks like we’ll be able to see Johnny Depp on the big screen again soon. What is known about the return of the actor to the role of Jack Sparrow?

Many tabloids write that Disney offered the once-disgraced actor to return to Pirates of the Caribbean and conclude a $300 million deal.

According to the Daily Mail, the star is already in talks. According to insiders, the studio is very interested in building a relationship with Depp.

“Company representatives contacted the actor prior to his trial with Amber Heard and asked if he would like to return for another pirate movie or two.”

The sources said. Johnny Depp is in talks to star as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Treasures of the Lost Abyss and a Disney Plus spin-off series about the Black Pearl’s captain’s youth.

Insiders also claim that the producers have already prepared a draft version of the new part of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” and hope that Depp will be able to understand, forgive and play the role of a cult character.

Note that earlier, People managed to talk with one of the former producers of Disney, who, on condition of anonymity, said:

“After the verdict is out, I’m pretty sure Pirates will be rebooted, and Johnny will be back as Captain Jack Sparrow. Just because a movie like this has huge box office potential, plus this Disney character is already deeply ingrained in pop culture.”

In a previous post, Johnny Depp may offer a record fee for a return to the role of Jack Sparrow According to some reports, Disney is ready to offer the actor $ 300 million for a recovery to the Pirates of the Caribbean project.

After Amber Heard accused her ex-husband Johnny Depp of domestic violence, the actor’s career went downhill. Depp also dropped out of the cast of the Caribbean franchise.

Recall that in 2018, Disney excluded Johnny Depp from the franchise. The reason was a loud scandal caused by allegations of violence by the actor’s ex-wife Amber Heard.

Tina Kunakey came tothe show with Vincent Cassel -


Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel are one of the most beautiful couples of our time. The model and actor got married in 2018, and a year later, they had a daughter, Amazonie.

The couple does not hide their relationship from fans. They regularly publish joint photos and often go out together. She took a makeup palette of subtle natural colors to highlight the beautiful features of her face.

Vincent wore some black-rimmed glasses and kept his salt and pepper beard clean.

So, the other day Tina and Vincent together attended the show of the new collection of Simon Porte Jacquemus. And Tina Kunakey, in her stunning outfit, made a splash among the rest of the guests of the show. All eyes were on the fashion model and her impeccable outfit.

Tina opted for a sheer black dress with an open back and cutouts that left little to the imagination. The seams on the fabric only emphasized the figure of the fashion model, making it more feminine.

Such a stunning outfit does not need any accessories, so Tina Kunakey did without them.

Hair celebrity collected in a neat low bun, making an even parting. Tina decided to do without makeup – and this only helped to focus on the stunning dress even more.

The couple got married in August 2018 in a private ceremony at City Hall in Bidart, southwestern France.

They first joined in July 2016 when Tina, then 19, shared on social media embracing the then 49-year-old actor while smoking.

Earlier, he was married to Italian actress Monica Bellucci, 57, for 14 years after their first meeting on the set of the 1996 film The Apartment.

The couple welcomed their daughter Amazon in April 2019, less than a year after their fairy wedding.

Vincent also shared with his ex-wife, Monica, and daughters Deva, 16, and 10-year-old Leonie.

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke was downright disappointed with her performance in 2013's Breakfast at Tiffany's -


Very soon, Emilia Clarke will play the role of Nina in the play by Anton Chekhov, along with Tom Rhys-Harris as Trigorin in the West End.

But who would have thought that the actress didn’t enjoy her Broadway debut? The Game of Thrones star was downright disappointed with her performance in 2013’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which marked her path to the big stage.

“I definitely wasn’t ready. I was a child. And so young and inexperienced,” Clarke, 35, told the BBC. And the show was far from the only thing that seemed too “green” to her.

Emilia played the role of Holly Golightly, who was made famous by Audrey Hepburn and her little black dress in the 1961 film based on the novel of the same name by Truman Capote.

But at the time, EW critic Tom Guyer gave the adaptation a C+ (fair), noting that there were “too many scenes in which they just sit there, not exciting and depriving the play of any semblance of narrative dynamics.

He called Clarke’s acting more poignant than brash although he took the time to compliment her svelte figure in the costumes.

The negative experience and fan reaction horrified the actress on her debut on the British stage. But now Emilia is ready to defend her right to play not only in TV shows:

“I understand very well that people who love Game of Thrones will come to the hall and want to see them play just for its sake. I hope they come and say:

“We came to see the Mother of Dragons, oh what a shame, she is not on a dragon, this is not what I paid for.” Spoiler: I have never been on a dragon during this performance,” said the actress.

The Seagull will premiere on June 29 at the Harold Pinter Theater in London and will run until September 10.

Imagine Dragons release 'Sharks' music video -


This is the second single from the album “Mercury  Act 2”, which will be released on July 1.

Imagine Dragons released the track and video for “Sharks.” The song will be included in the group’s new album “Mercury – Act 2”, released on July 1.

This is the second single from the record: in the spring, Imagine Dragons released the song “Bones,” which sounded in the trailer for season 3 of The Boys.

“The world is full of sharks. As we age, this becomes more and more obvious. But it is also self-reflection: “How can you judge? How many times have you been a shark yourself.”

You see sharks, but don’t you consider them yourself?

Reynolds added that “Mercury – Act 2” will be pretty heavy but at the same time not devoid of irony.

Imagine Dragons’ latest Mercury – Act 1 album was released in September 2021. In November, the band premiered the song “Enemy,” the theme song for the Arcane series.

The song peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Imagine Dragons’ most successful track since 2017.

In a previous post, Imagine Dragons released the ‘Enemy’ song for the Arcane animated series soundtrack.

The show will also feature the music of Sting and Woodkid.

Imagine Dragons and rapper JID presented the song “Enemy,” recorded for the animated series “Arcane” based on the game League of Legends. Along with the track, a video was released where the musicians appeared in the images of the heroes of the show.

The group has a special relationship with League of Legends – in 2014, Imagine Dragons released the song “Warriors,” which became the soundtrack of the world championship for this game.

In addition to Imagine Dragons and JID, the series will feature music by Sting, Woodkid, Pusha T, and Denzel Curry. The soundtrack album will be released on November 20.


Gabrielle Union Shows Love To An Amazing Lady Who Adores Music -


Gabrielle Union is showing love to an amazing lady out there and fans and followers cannot get enough of her. Check out the latest post that she dropped on her social media account.

‘Today’s #WCW is the beautiful and talented, @iamasiahn . If you’ve ever heard her sing, you know she has a voice of an angel but it doesn’t stop there. She also uses her magical voice for good and inspiring others on @Netflix @KarmasWorldOfficial,’ she began her post.

She continued and said: ‘Asiahn’s love for music is so deep that she’s also an experienced songwriter for some of the industry’s biggest artists like Drake, Jennifer Lopez, Lil Wayne and Dr. Dre. But after some time writing for others, she realized it was her time to shine! Her music leans heavily on self-exploration, self-love and overall the love for life. I admire the passion Asiahn has and continues to carry on into her personal life as an LGBTQ+ advocate. Let us lift her in the light of goodness and hold her there!’

Someone said: ‘Yyaassssss!!! She’s an amazing human being!!!’ and more people hopped in the comments to praise the ladies.

A commenter posted this: ‘This is sooo beautiful! I honestly can’t Thank you enough for sharing me with your platform. I’m literally GAGGINGGGGGG Thank you so much Queen! And Thank you for being the amazing spirit that you are.’

One other follower posted this message: ‘ Dope artistist, an amazing talent, she’s been in my playlist for years, Such a beautiful voice.’

Someone else said: ‘Love you @iamasiahn you deserve to be celebrated!’

Not too long ago, she also praised Aida Osman on her social emdia account. Check out the latest message that she shared via her IG below.

‘Today’s #WCW is someone to keep an eye on – the talented, hilarious, and stunning @shutupaida . A Nebraska native who is now in Hollywood co-starring in a new @hbomax show written by @issarae “Rap Shit.” And even when she’s not in front of the camera, she’s behind the scenes as executive story editor. Trust she’s not new at this either! She’s also a story editor for HBO’s “Better”, writer for Netflix’s “Big Mouth,” AND cohosts for Cooked Media’s podcast “Keep It.”’ Gaby began her message.

Baldwin's daughter recalls being abused as a teenager -


The daughter of actor Alec Baldwin admitted that she was abused at a party at a minor age. Ireland Baldwin said she was unconscious at the time of the incident, reports the Daily Mail.

“I kept this secret for many years, but now it’s time to discuss it. I was raped when I was a teenager. Then, at the party, I was unconscious. And the man decided to take advantage of me,” Baldwin recalled.

She clarified that in this way, she decided to express her love and support to millions of girls. Baldwin noted that after the rape, her life changed a lot.

She began drinking more and self-medicating, getting into toxic relationships, and attending parties to forget the traumatic experience.

“For many years, I kept this story in me. Only the nurse who helped me that night knew about it. Neither my parents nor the guy I was then, no one knew that I was raped,” the girl summed up.

In a previous post, The Queen of Great Britain appeared at an official event for the first time since the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee. She was escorted by her youngest son, Prince Edward, and his wife, Sophie. Writes about it Daily Mail.

Elizabeth II participated in the ancient Ceremony of handing over the keys, which was held at Holyrood Palace in Scotland. This is the official place of the British monarchs, which is located in Edinburgh.

In a historic ceremony, the Queen was presented with the keys to the city and welcomed into the “ancient and hereditary kingdom of Scotland.”

The Scots Guards provided the guard of honor and a regiment of the foot made up of the Highlanders of Argyll and Sutherland.

This week, Her Majesty plans to hold several meetings and, in particular, spend time with the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon. At events, Elizabeth II will be accompanied by Prince Charles.

Nicola Peltz reveals Brooklyn Beckham' felt tension to please' as she searched for herself -


It’s safe to say that Brooklyn Beckham felt the pressure of the famous family.

His beloved wife Nicola Peltz became the face of the cover of the new issue of Tatler and spoke about the career difficulties that she and her husband had to go through.

At first, the eldest son of David and Victoria hoped to become a professional football player, like his father, but he was expelled from the London Arsenal club youth team even before he was 16 years old.

The celebrity couple’s firstborn has also been involved in fashion photography and modeling and recently appeared on television to showcase his culinary skills.

But Brooklyn’s wife says he felt “a lot of pressure to please people with his career choice, but he didn’t like it .

So during the pandemic, David’s heir launched Cooking with Brooklyn on Facebook Watch, where he happily shares his kitchen experiments. And it was at that moment that Nicola realized that this was his calling.

“You could say that when Brooklyn is in the kitchen, he is in heaven. Ever since the pandemic started, all he wanted to talk about was the kitchen, so one day, I just started filming him. I said, “That’s what you love,” says the young wife.

Peltz also spoke about Brooklyn’s close relationship with her father – he allegedly always tries to seek advice from the billionaire and investment titan.

“Brooklyn gets into exciting stuff with his shows, and it’s lovely; I observe him call my dad and say, ‘What do you think about that?’ I love watching him learn from my dad,” she admitted to the publication.

Nicola herself also remembered the ups and downs in her favorite business.

Having fallen in love with drama productions at school, she told her parents that she wanted to pursue acting. “We’ll only support you if you don’t let yourself be upset by rejections,” the star said of her family’s reaction.

Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker Spotted Together After Break Up Rumors -


Earlier this week, rumors began circling the internet saying that Kendall Jenner had split up with her boyfriend of almost 2 years, Devin Booker. According to the rumors the split was caused because both individuals had a long conversation and realized that at the moment both of them are looking to focus on their careers and have no room for a serious relationship that could possibly lead to marriage and all that.

The rumors had fans heartbroken and the word on the block was that both individuals were heartbroken as well, however latest photos of the couple suggest that is not true.

Pictures recently hit the internet showing both individuals hanging out at Soho House in Malibu, CA, and from the pictures, it’s apparent that things perhaps aren’t that bad, in fact, they might not be bad at all.

It is hard to say whether Devin and Kendall are still together or are just friends on very good terms now but and since neither of them has commented on the matter themselves, it is all speculation at this point. But even if you do become friends with your ex, things don’t become this lighthearted this quickly which leads most people to assume that perhaps the couple didn’t break up in the first place.

Fans are happy to see the couple back together.

Although most fans were disappointed to hear that breakup or no breakup, Devin Booker would not be showing up to Kendall’s reality show on Hulu Kardashian. Showrunner Danielle King made it clear that Kendall does not want to share her relationship on the show.

Kendall has always been very quiet about her relationship with Devin. The two did post anything about their relationship on social media until they were at least 8 months in. and even after making their relationship, “Instagram official,” the two kept a very low profile and didn’t post much about their romance.

At the moment, it remains unclear what the current relationship status is for both individuals and fans await comments from the couple or possibly ex-couple themselves.

Chelsea Handler Speaks Out On The Overturning of Roe Vs Wade -


Ever since the Supreme Court overturned the decision of the Roe Vs Wade case which basically gives every state the power to make its own abortion laws, and takes away the country-wide constitutional right to abortion, people from all walks of life have been speaking up about it and celebrities have been no different.

In the latest news, Chelsea Handler, who was guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel’s show this week, used the opportunity to speak out about the matter and made a very brief and powerful statement.

Chelsea had 3 abortions herself when she was in high school, and while slamming the Supreme Court’s overturning of the Roe Vs Wade decision she also discussed how she felt about what people were saying in regards to her personal history.

“Do you know what men on the internet had to say about that?” she Handler. “I don’t ― because I don’t give a f***.”

The statement received wild cheers from the audience. Chelsea isn’t the only celebrity to have spoken out against the decision. In the past week, many celebrities from different industries have been taking to social media, interviews, press conferences, and speaking about the matter anywhere they can.

Kim Kardashian, who has recently been very vocal about the Uvalde, Texas school shooting took to her social media to make the thought-provoking statement claiming guns have more rights in the United States than women do.

Taylor Swift retweeted Michelle Obama’s lengthy message to the nation expressing her heartbreak over the devastating impacts that the decision will have.

Penelope Cruz also took to social media to post a statistic that explained the ripple effects this decision from the Supreme Court will have.

Selena Gomez also spoke out on the matter, while Olivia Rodriguez used her concert in England to send a message to the Supreme Court judges back in the United States.

Michelle Obama’s statement expressed heartbreak over the matter but made it clear to the people that there is still a fight left to be fought and they must continue to strive.



Dakota Johnson Finally Opens Up What It Was Like To Make Fifty Shades Of Grey SPOILER ALERT It Wasn't Great -


When news broke out that there was a Fifty Shades of Grey movie in the works, fans who had read the novel that it was based on, quickly became excited, but the end product of the movie wasn’t entirely what fans were expecting and there were rumors that the cast and crew weren’t very satisfied with the movie as a whole.

Dakota Johnson has recently confirmed these rumors while speaking to Vanity Fair. Dakota has admitted that the movie-making process was very difficult and primarily because of the heavy disagreements between the studio, the directors, and the author of the books, Erika Leonard, who goes by the pen name E.L. James.

Dakota said that she has never been able to reveal the truth about all this because obviously, you cannot badmouth a franchise while it is in active promotion stages, but fans have historically noted Dakota’s discomfort in interviews regarding the movie.

Dakota revealed that the author of the book, James, was given a lot of creative power in the movie-making process and that she demanded a lot of things to be put in the movie which seasoned directors understood wouldn’t benefit the movie at all.

“There were parts of the books that just wouldn’t work in a movie, like the inner monologue, which was at times incredibly cheesy. It wouldn’t work to say out loud. It was always a battle. Always,” said Dakota.

Dakota also revealed that when Charlie Hunnam, who was originally cast to play Christian Grey dropped out due to scheduling conflicts, James was so distraught that she completely abandoned the original script of the movie and the movie that was eventually created with Jamie Dornan was a completely different version of the movie, in which Dakota and the rest of the crew desperately tried to keep some essence of the previous script.

“We’d do the takes of the movie that Erika wanted to make, and then we would do the takes of the movie that we wanted to make. The night before, I would rewrite scenes with the old dialogue so I could add a line here and there. It was like mayhem all the time,” said Johnson.

Dakota said that if anyone knew what it was going to be like on set they would not want to be a part of the movie but still she has no regrets about joining the project.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

New Leaked Photos From The Barbie Live Action Movie Show Will Ferrell In Action -


Every new leak from the upcoming live-action Barbie movie creates more hype for the film. The first look came when Margot Robbie was shown fully dressed and on set in the role of Barbie which made fans very happy with the casting choice.

But awaiting fans truly lost their mind when a picture was released of Ryan Gosling fully in costume and on set as Ken, Barbie’s male counterpart. The actor looked so unbelievably like the handsome toy, that it was hard to say whether it was the real Ryan Gosling or just an actual toy Ken.

But now the hype is taking a whole new leap as the new set pictures that were recently leaked on the Twitter show none other than the legendary comedian Will Ferrell in action on the set of Barbie’s live-action film. Ferrell has been known to be part of the cast for quite a while now but his role in the film remained mysterious. With the recently leaked pictures, many fans are speculating that Ferrell will be playing the villain of the movie.

The pictures show Ferrell dressed in a black suit while wearing a pink shirt and tie, which is very characteristic of the film’s entire color scheme.

Ferrell appears to be on roller skates alongside several people smaller than him but dressed exactly like him, almost as if they are his minions. These details caused people to deduce that Ferrell may be playing the villain of the movie in an evil big corporation CEO vibe.

Previously, some images were released showing Margot Robbie’s barbie being caught by some people who were dressed exactly like Will’s minions from this picture. It was assumed that Barbie might have some trouble with the law in this movie but people are now assuming that scene simply showed Barbie being caught by the henchmen of whatever villain Will Ferrell will be playing in the movie.

The live-action Barbie movie is expected to release in July of 2023 and the hype for it is already peaking with fans getting excited with every still that is leaked online.


Elizabeth Olsen Discusses Whether We Should Expect A Scarlet Witch Solo Movie Going Forward In The MCU -


Anyone who has been following the MCU since at least 2015 will know that the character of Wanda Maximoff AKA The Scarlet Witch has been through a very difficult journey and definitely deserves a solo movie at this point.

After the release of Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness, rumors have begun circling the internet regarding a potential Scarlet Witch solo movie being in the works despite the fact that where Doctor Strange 2 left Wanda is hard to say.


The end of the movie shows the Scarlet Witch meeting her sons from another universe but her sons aren’t very affectionate rather they are afraid of her. This makes Wanda realize what she has become and she destroys the temple that was made to honor her and is seen being buried in the rubble of the collapsing temple.

This seems to suggest that the collapsing temple killed Wanda but her death is not visually shown, only a flash of bright red light emits from the falling temple.

Generally, if a major character from the franchise is going to be killed off the death is made very clear like the Black Widow’s death in Endgame, hence it’s fair game to say that the Scarlet Witch might not be done with the MCU yet.

And if that is not enough, the writer of the movie Michael Waldron has recently stated that there is a good chance that Wanda survived the destruction of the temple.

Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Wanda Maximoff herself was recently asked whether there is any truth to the rumors of a solo movie and her response was the same as what that Marvel actors usually have about future unannounced projects:

“I would love to be a part of both of those. No one tells me anything, and I’m not even hiding a secret because I’m bad at that. I know nothing about my future.”

Whether or not there is any truth to the rumor and to Elizabeth Olsen‘s comments, will be revealed soon, for now, fans can only wait.

Ben Affleck's son Samuel Garner crashed a luxurious car -


This Sunday, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck decided to rent a luxury car.

They, along with the actor’s 10-year-old son Samuel Garner, went to a car rental agency and chose a bright yellow Lamborghini. True, they did not manage to ride.

Ben’s son got behind the wheel and accidentally crashed into a white BMW that was standing nearby. The actor and his heir got out of the car to inspect it. As it turned out, there were no significant injuries.

Affleck and his beloved Jennifer Lopez came to the salon to rent a car. With them was the actor’s son from his marriage to Jennifer Garner, Samuel, who immediately sat in the driver’s seat and accidentally stepped on the gas.

At the same time, considering the video that got on the Web, Lopez had already managed to get into the car, and the boy’s father was still on the street. As a result, the Lamborghini reversed and collided with a parked white BMW standing nearby.

Immediately after the incident, the young perpetrator of the accident got out of the car and examined the damage. Ben Affleck himself also inspected the cars, after which he consoled his son by hugging him.

The publication notes that the rental of such a car costs about $ 1,500 per day.

According to TMZ, the boy was innocent of anything. The cars were just parked very close to each other.

In a previous post, The nickname was first married to Affleck, whom they encountered on the set of the 2000 film Pearl Harbor, but fell in love during the shooting of the 2002 film Daredevil and officially reunited two years later.

But the couple separated in 2015; Jennifer noted that the two had been separated for “months” before the revelation, and their divorce was finalized in 2018.

Slim Khloe Kardashian poses in a tiny Bikini -


38-year-old Khloe Kardashian is gradually becoming one of the most popular stars of the reality show.

After the birth of her daughter True, she was able to lose almost 30 kilograms and is clearly not going to stop there. Daughter Kris Jenner is now happy to demonstrate her amazing figure on the blog.

So, on June 26, she put on a tiny pink bikini that barely held her shape. Chloe filmed herself in the bathroom mirror. Particular attention is drawn to chiseled hands and a steel press.

By the way, Kardashian did not just decide to show her figure – the bikini was designed by the Good American brand, which the star has her own line.

“That’s a figure,” “Gym classes fully justify themselves,” “I wonder if you need to work out six times a week or 7 to look like this?”, “Amazing figure,” and “Chloe looks much better without those huge buttocks,” “Very feminine and proportional figure! – Internet users respond in the comments.

However, not all of them were admired by Kardashian. Chloe is regularly suspected of being too fond of plastic and photoshop.

And this time, among the subscribers of the star, there were those who criticized her for being “unnatural.”

The brand has made a name for itself by offering jeans in a wide range of sizes and has since added swimwear and athletic apparel.

The fashion industry personality and many of his family members have appeared in the line’s promotional materials.

Kardashian discussed the development of his brand in an interview with InStyle and noted that he and his colleagues would never consider removing size-based offers from the shelf.

“We can’t cut to a certain size because then it’s not authentic who we are,” he said.

The businessman then offered a little insight into how Good American grew so quickly.

Heidi Klum in a bodycon lace-up dress -


Heidi Klum never ceases to delight fans with bright spectacular outfits. One evening in New York, the supermodel was wearing a dress with an interesting element.

The day before, the model appeared in a dark blue bodycon lace-up dress with an equally eye-catching neckline. The catwalk star emphasized her long legs with classic shoes.

Recall that the star came to the premiere of the film “Jurassic World: Dominance” in Hollywood with an extreme neckline with a print imitating spikes. The Blinds dress costs $4,500.

In a previous post, Heidi Klum just loves to try on the frankest and most spectacular images. The 49-year-old model has long proved that age will never be an obstacle for her.

Therefore, she boldly chooses provocative outfits and does it very beautifully. On the eve of Heidi appeared at the premiere of the film “Jurassic World: Domination” in Hollywood with her daughter Leni.

Heidi Klum chose an image that perfectly matches the theme of the event. The supermodel wore a dress with an extreme print neckline.

Imitating spikes from The Blinds, worth $4,500. Looks great, as always! Her daughter, 17-year-old aspiring model Looney Klum, stepped out in black corseted trousers.

And by the way, they don’t look the same anymore. Not so long ago, Heidi’s daughter radically changed her image so that she would finally no longer be compared with her famous mother.

Leni Klum has long been stepping on the heels of his famous mother. The girl now and then appears at fashion shows and is removed from the best glossy magazines.

The young model is often compared to her mother, saying that the girl is following in her footsteps. But it seems that Leni no longer wants to be perceived only as of the daughter of Heidi Klum.

The day before, the girl radically changed her image so she would no longer be compared to her mother. 17-year-old Leni debuted at Cannes with a new shade of chestnut hair.


Winona Ryder about the relationship with her boyfriend -


50-year-old Winona Ryder spoke frankly about the relationship with 51-year-old Scott Mackinlay Hahn.

The American actress rarely talks about her lover despite the fact that they have been together for 11 years.

The Stranger Things star feels like Scott is her soul mate. But despite the closeness, she is in no hurry to marry him.

“They don’t talk about the wedding and children; they just feel good together.

They enjoy what they have and are happy with it,” said an insider close to the couple.

Winona admitted that after many years she found herself in Scott and called him a real gentleman. Happiness loves silence – this is about them.

Ryder and McKinley rarely go out together. They last appeared at the premiere of the final season of Stranger Things in Los Angeles.

“I love hiding from the paparazzi and being discreet in public. Everything that happens between us, only we know. I can only say that I am madly in love and feel very young!” — said the actress.

They often spend time near San Francisco, although Winona has to travel to Los Angeles frequently because of her work. “Sometimes, she takes Scott with her.

Winona’s friends and colleagues love him very much because he is a calm and interesting person,” an insider confirmed to UsWeekly.

Ryder is known for her flamboyant novels. In the early 90s, the actress was engaged to Johnny Depp, then met with David Duchovny and Matt Damon.

But I met Scott, and now I am absolutely happy.

Winona decided for herself that it would be better never to marry than to be divorced several times. Unfortunately, she has an example before her eyes: the parents of the actress have been together for 45 years, so the standards of the star are very high.

British media reported bags of cash handed over by the Sheikh of Qatar to Prince Charles -


Prince Charles received two large full of cash from Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, who performed as Prime Minister of Qatar between 2011 and 2015. It is reported by the Daily Mail.

The Prince of Wales was given €3 million in cash, with Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani handing over €1 million in a suitcase and £820,000 in travel bags.

Prince Charles transferred the cash to Coutts, a private bank whose clients included Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.

Later they were transferred to the account of the Charitable background of Prince Charles (Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund – PWFC).

Representatives of the foundation said that the legality of the actions of Prince Charles is beyond doubt.

“We confirm that the former trustees of PWFC have discussed the management relationship with the donor and have confirmed that the donor is a legitimate and verified counterparty. Furthermore, our auditors have certified the donation after a special audit,” Sir Ian Cheshire said.

It is noted that the actions of the heir to the throne were not illegal, but receiving cash calls into question his ability to correctly assess how ethical it is to accept large sums from a foreign citizen.

Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani was the prime minister of Qatar from 2007 to 2013 and is considered a good friend of the British royal family.

Earlier it was reported that Kate Middleton, in camouflage, congratulated the British military on Armed Forces Day.

In addition, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, addressed the congratulations to the British military on social networks.

Today, June 25, a post was published in the official account of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in honor of the British Armed Forces Day.

Kendall Jenner posted a completely Naked Photo after breakup -


Not so long ago, it became known that Kendall Jenner decided to break up with Devin Booker after two years of relationship.

According to insiders, this happened due to the fact that the model and the athlete were at different stages of the relationship.

The reality star, sources say, was already ready to start a family and children but did not see a potential groom and future husband in her boyfriend.

Officially, Kendall and Devin have not confirmed their breakup. However, Internet users are sure that the celebrities really broke up. Hints in their social networks are enough for this.

But even if the breakup happened, Jenner is clearly not too worried about what happened.

The other day, the fashion model published a series of pictures, the first of which attracted the special attention of fans.

The fact is that Kendall posed completely naked – although the star loves candid shots, there are not so many such spicy photos from her blog.

“When you broke up with your boyfriend, and you really want him to bite your elbows,” “Now no one will forbid her to post such photos,” “Wow, it looks like Devin and Kendall really broke up. It is hard to imagine that a not-free girl would publish such shots,” Internet users noted.

They were recently spotted together in Los Angeles on the birthday of family friend Anastasia “Stassie” Karanikolaou.

The couple first started dating in the spring of 2020, between the COVID-19 epidemics. However, they did not confirm their romance until Valentine’s Day, 2021.

Jenner made things official on Instagram when she posted a picture of herself and Baker hugging on social media.

Just last month, the infamous private reality star married Booker in Italy at the wedding of Sister Kourtney Kardashian and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

Brian Austin Green, in anxious anticipation of the birth of a child with Sharna Burgess -


Brian Austin Green, 48, already has four sons and is again looking to add to his family, this time with his girlfriend Sharna Burgess, 37.

The dancer, a participant in the dance show “Dancing with the Stars,” will soon give birth to the star of the series “Beverly Hills Area, 90210” fifth son.

The insider also says that Brian knows Sharna, who has no other children, is “going to be an incredible mother to their son.”

Brian was very lucky to get a preview and look at Sharna’s mothering skills, seeing how well she acclimatized with his kids,” the source said.

“She’s so natural with kids; he knows she has what it takes to be the best mom.”

The Beverly Hills 90210 star has been living with Sharna since October 2020, after divorcing Megan Fox, 36, who is the mother of his sons Noah, 9, Bodhi, 8, and Jorny, 5.

Brian also has an older child, Cassius, 20, with former co-star Vanessa Marcil. However, according to insiders, Brian is not at all worried that Sharna, a professional on the show “Dancing with the Stars,” will become a mother for the first time.

Brian is sure Sharna is a woman with a big heart, and she’s so caring and has a very calm personality which will go so well with her being the most amazing mom ever,” the insider explained.

“He’s thrilled about this relationship with Sharna and can’t wait to meet his little one.”

In early February, Sharna and Brian announced they were expecting a child together, with a photo of Sharna in a bikini with her rounded belly on display.

The cute photo showed Brian and his kid’s arms hugging Sharna’s tummy. “And in an instant, it happened that my world will never be the same again. Forever bigger, forever wider, and deeper.


Emily Ratajkowski sued for posting her photo -


Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski has been sued after she posted two paparazzi photos of herself on Instagram. It is written by The New York Post.

The plaintiff, Queens-based street photographer Edward Opinaldo, said the model used his photographs without obtaining his permission, thereby infringing his copyright.

Paparazzi photographed Emily Ratajkowski as she left a building in New York on June 17, 2019. On the same day, the model published his pictures on social networks, gaining 288 thousand likes.

The rights to the images that have become the subject of litigation, the photographer registered in July 2019. In September, it drew attention to the fact that they were published on the supermodel’s social networks.

What requirements Edward Opinaldo makes to Emily Ratajkowski is not specified.

Earlier, in October 2019, photographer Robert O’Neill sued the model for the same reason – he stated that she published her photograph of his authorship without permission, in which she walks around New York with a bouquet of flowers.

The matter was settled in April of this year.

Earlier it was reported that In the US, Meghan Markle’s popularity has declined. It is reported by The Sun, citing data from the global research company YouGov.

According to a recent study, only 45% of Americans now perceive the Duchess of Sussex “positively or in some way positively.”

Commenting on this data, royal affairs expert Neil Gardiner suggested that one of the reasons for Meghan Markle’s decline in popularity is the fact that she still retains her aristocratic title.

“Many Americans wonder why she is still the Duchess of Sussex, even though she speaks out against the monarchy so often,” he explained.

The expert noted that in the US, the popularity of the Dukes of Sussex is declining in the same way as in the UK, and this decline will continue.

“The Queen is simply adored in the US, as are Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge,” he said.

Top Gun: Maverick, starring Tom Cruise, grossed over a billion dollars worldwide -


Top Gun: Maverick grossed nearly $522 million in the United States and about $485 million internationally.

The film has already evolved into the highest-grossing movie of Tom Cruise‘s career, surpassing Mission: Impossible: Fallout with $791 million.

Recall that according to the plot, the pilot, nicknamed Maverick, must prepare a team of pilots for a special task, which the son of his deceased friend turned out to be.

The film premiered worldwide on May 18. In a previous post, In the US, Top Gun has already overtaken Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness.

The tape was named the highest-grossing film of 2022. The action movie also became the second film alongside Spider-Man: No Way Home to break the $400 million mark since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The film, directed by Joseph Kosinski, hit theaters in May and earned $248 million worldwide in its opening weekend.

In the United States, its premiere took place on Memorial Day, a national holiday dedicated to the memory of fallen American servicemen.

Earlier it became known that the film “Top Gun: Maverick” also became the highest-grossing film in the career of Tom Cruise.

This is Tom Cruise’s first film to gross over $100 million in its opening weekend. Previously, the record was held by “War of the Worlds” ($64.9 million) and “Mission: Impossible: Fallout” ($61.2 million).

In addition, the action movie had one of the best openings in the history of Paramount Studios. The best result is still held by Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014).

In total, the sequel to Top Gun (1986) grossed $248 million in theaters worldwide (excluding Russia and China).

Top Gun: Maverick was thought to premiere in 2020 but had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

The film was unleashed in the United States on Memorial Day, a national holiday dedicated to the memory of fallen American servicemen.