Tuesday, May 3, 2022

'This is my personal experience': Harry Styles explained why he does not want to talk about his orientation - yuetu.info


“This is my personal experience”: Harry Styles explained why he does not want to talk about his orientation

Harry Styles clearly doesn’t like labeling people, especially when it comes to his personal life. In the June issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine, the musician decided to talk about people who are waiting for him to declare their sexuality publicly. Harry called such expectations “obsolete.” Despite the global trend towards tolerance, many are not ready to follow this rule; partly, for this reason, the singer prefers to keep all the details secret.

“I have been very open with my friends, but this is my personal experience; it is mine. We need to understand where we should move, namely, to move toward accepting everyone and being more open. No need to label everything and try to get into someone else’s life, 28-year-old Styles said.

And although the idol of millions has been in a relationship with actress Olivia Wilde since January 2021. His orientation often becomes the subject of discussion due to the flamboyant style, which has a place for dresses. In addition, the singer usually supports the LGBT community at his concerts by displaying a rainbow flag on stage. Harry had spoken on the subject before, such as in a 2019 interview with the Guardian in which he was asked if he was bisexual.

His early success with One Direction left a massive imprint because Harry had to play the “right boy” role. For a long time, he could not calmly raise the topic of coupling and intimacy because he considered it something shameful.

Fortunately, Styles was able to work through this atypical problem and is now entirely focused on the launch of his NEW album. The musician presented one of the future compositions during a PERFORMANCE at the Coachella festival, and the artist was able to captivate his devoted audience.


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