Tuesday, May 31, 2022

She disappeared; everything was gone in front of Cardi B, and the yacht sank - yuetu.info


Cardi B is currently on vacation with her husband, rapper Offset. The couple flew away for the weekend on Memorial Day (a national holiday in the United States dedicated to the memory of American servicemen who died in all armed conflicts).

The singer delighted fans by sharing pictures and stories from her vacation. The other day she posted a photo from a private jet. For the flight, Cardi chose a bright knitted Miu Miu suit, white platform shoes, an orange bag, green earrings, and a bracelet that completed the outfit.

But in fact, the family weekend was not as rosy as it seemed at first glance. A serene rest was interrupted by a terrible incident: in front of Cardi, a small yacht sank. Judging by the frames published by the star on social networks, the ship sank, running into reefs.

In the video filmed by Cardi, her shocked voice-over can be heard saying, “What the hell? Oh god, she’s drowning! I can’t believe I’m actually watching a yacht sink. Oh god, there’s nothing they can do? Isn’t there a big boat that could save her? She’s gone; everything’s gone.” Fortunately, as the singer later said, there were no people on the ship, so no one was hurt. During the brief moments of silence, the subtle crash of the waves could be heard in the clip.

The music star also shared an outing on Instagram, where he reassured his fans that “fortunately no one was there.” The comedy has garnered more than 22,000 likes from its 22.7 million followers on Twitter.

The 45-second clip shows the boat slowly sinking in the ocean when the musical artist describes it aloud.

Cardi is currently enjoying a tropical vacation. The media personality had earlier shared footage on his way to his destination. Going to Instagram earlier today, he showed off his incredibly hard abs while posing in a crocheted cropped top and matching shorts in a private jet.

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