Sunday, May 1, 2022

MTV star arrested for human trafficking and organizing prostitution -


MTV star arrested for human trafficking and organizing prostitution. MTV reality show contestant Chopper was arrested for pimping.

Lawful papers obtained by the media outlet state that Chopper used Instagram to contact a secret detective in Nevada showing as a prostitute worker.

Chopper, a contestant on MTV’s musical reality show Making The Band, has been arrested for human trafficking, TMZ reports. The man is accused of pimping.

According to the publication, one of the Nevada police officers pretended to be a sex worker and tried to get a “job” with Chopper. During their correspondence, the man was repeatedly rude to the detective.

Chopper was contacted by an undercover police officer who suggested that he hire her as a prostitute. She corresponded with him on social networks, and after she refused to go to “work,” Chopper demanded bucks from her.

Chopper has also repeatedly demonstrated on social networks his wealth, acquired through the organization of prostitution. Police believe they have collected enough evidence to accuse the MTV star of human trafficking and organized prostitution.

Chopper will be charged in Las Vegas, where, according to investigators, he was engaged in illegal activities. 

To catch Chopper, a policewoman pretended to be a sex worker, and the pimp offered her a job by offering to join his stable. According to the detective, Chopper talked aggressively with her, demanded to immediately fly to him and pay him $2,000.

On social networks, male law enforcement officers found posts hinting at prostitution and pimping, in particular, those in which Chopper boasted of his wealth acquired in this way.

Making The Band is a show that aired from 2000 to 2009. Each episode of the project is dedicated to the formation of a new musical group.

It was previously reported that actor Ezra Miller was arrested again in Hawaii.


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