Thursday, May 26, 2022

Millie Bobby Brown has changed beyond recognition -


Millie Bobby Brown has changed beyond recognition. The ‘Stranger Things’ actress looks nothing like herself.

Many fans of the Stranger Things series – by the way, the new fourth season will be released in a week – believe that off the set, Millie Bobby Brown looks much older than her years.

Usually, this happens due to the fact that the audience gets used to the on-screen image of underage actors, and then they begin to associate them with their favorite characters in everyday life. And when the difference is very big, it disgusts the fans. This happened to Millie, but her love for the beauty experiment only exacerbated the situation.

In two years, the actress turned from a teenager into an adult woman, although at the end of February this year, she was only 18 years old. In addition to the fact that Millie’s figure has changed (she has become more feminine, which is absolutely normal for a girl of her age), she decided to speed up her transition period. She grew and lightened her hair, makeup artists began to give her sculptural makeup, and stylists dressed her in overly revealing outfits.

As a result, 18-year-old Millie began to look many times older than her colleagues on the TV series Stranger Things, and this takes into account the fact that almost all of them are several years older than her. But Brown does not complex in any way about this. In general, she gets the feeling that she really likes all these metamorphoses, but there is some kind of discrepancy between the external and internal.

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