Sunday, May 29, 2022

Meghan Markle's sister accused the duchess of negligence due to her father's stroke -


Meghan Markle‘s sister accused the duchess of negligence due to her father’s stroke. Recently it became known that Thomas Markle was hospitalized in a clinic in Chula Vista, California, with a suspected stroke. The man could not speak and wrote down his symptoms on a piece of paper.

Sometime after the incident, Thomas’s daughter, Samantha Markle, got in touch. “He went through a lot. Two heart attacks, a pandemic, and now a stroke,” Meghan Markle’s sister spoke about her father’s well-being. Samantha blamed Sussex for all the troubles that happened to Thomas and also said that in the event of the death of a man, the blame would fall on the duchess.

“This is an abuse of the elderly. In all that time, Megan has never contacted us. This is negligence. Her father doesn’t have much time and health left, so if Megan doesn’t give him a helping hand, then she will have to live with this sin until the end of her days. Shame on her for not being able to show love to her father and for not being able to find the strength to take a step towards him,” said an angry Samantha.

The woman also accused Sussex of not wanting to help her father financially. “She sees and knows about medical bills. Megan ignored her father for several years. It’s unforgivable. I have a feeling that I need to sell my soul to the devil in order to get through to her heart,” Samantha retorted. Meghan Markle’s sister also reminded her of the false letter she wrote to her father after her wedding to Prince Harry.

“She lied and faked things like, ‘Dad, I’m heartbroken. I love you so much because I only have one father. If you want to mend the relationship, then please stop harassing me through the media.’ All these words are terrible, and this selfishness breaks my heart,” concluded Samantha.

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