Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Madonna's heart is free again: 63-year-old pop diva broke up with her old boyfriend - yuetu.info


Madonna‘s heart is free again: 63-year-old pop diva broke up with her old boyfriend. The couple’s relationship lasted almost three years.

Last week, reporters spotted Madonna on a date with young videographer Ricardo Gomez, and the world’s media immediately suspected that the couple was brewing an affair. 

News of Madonna and Ahlamalik’s romance first surfaced in 2019 after Ray of Light appeared together on the singer’s Instagram account.

Until that moment, it was known that the star’s official boyfriends included 28-year-old Ahlamalik Williams, but judging by the recent post on the pop diva’s social networks, her heart is free again. 

Madonna posted the following text on her account: “Karma says: when someone in your life is not right for you, God will constantly use them to hurt you until you become strong enough to let them go.” The message in the story is accompanied by unambiguous photos of the fifth point, barely covered with lace, against which the singer shows a bracelet with the saying F*ck you, accompanying the picture with the words “I mean exactly that.” 

An insider who described the situation to The Sun put it mildly: “They appreciate and respect each other. It’s just that their interests have diverged. They spent months on tour, almost a year in lockdown, so they have no reason to hate. It just became difficult for them to maintain a relationship.” 

Recall that the romance with the young lover Ahlamalik became known in December 2019 – Williams was one of the dancers of the troupe accompanying Madonna on tours.

Last Tuesday, the singer went out for dinner in LA with a mysterious man. He was spotted just 24 hours later with the same beautiful date when he went with her to a Burberry party in Chatto Marmont, Beverly Hills.

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