Monday, May 9, 2022

Lila Moss came to the Met Gala 2022 with supermodel mom Kate -


Lila Moss came to the Met Gala 2022 with supermodel mom Kate.

2022 has already become a productive year for Lila Moss, the daughter of the famous supermodel. She just made her debut on the cover of the May issue of British Vogue and attended the annual Met Gala last night wearing a look designed by luxury brand Burberry. A girl appeared at the event, accompanied by her mother, Kate Moss.

“I wanted to look modern, feel young, but at the same time remain elegant and chic,” Lila told Vogue reporters the day before, in the process of preparing for the ball. The girl herself chose a nude palette for the dress: stylists call the shade of her dress “classic Burberry.” She shared with reporters that she was incredibly happy to be at this event.

To create a contrast with her daughter’s outfit, Kate Moss opted for a discreet black tuxedo dress. Her look was also created by Burberry creative director Ricardo Tisci, who also styled Naomi Campbell and Irina Shayk for the charity event. Makeup for the two stars of the podium – mother and daughter, was created by iconic makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury.

Lila has type 1 diabetes, which means her pancreas does not make enough insulin, the hormone that regulates your blood glucose levels. In the short and long term, this condition can cause a lot of problems, but with an insulin pump that monitors her blood sugar level, Lila can control it.

Although more than 1.5 million Americans live with this disease, these life-saving appliances are rarely seen in a fashion context, let alone one of the biggest nights in the industry. That’s why it’s so invigorating to see Lila bring them back to standard. In particular, the Daily Mail recognized a small circle on his arm as a monitor and a pod on his thigh as a pump.

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