Saturday, May 28, 2022

Kristen Stewart in the form of a rock star in Cannes -


Kristen Stewart in the form of a rock star in Cannes.

Many people associate Chanel with strict tweed jackets and a certain age audience. But it is no coincidence that the brand chose Kristen Stewart as its ambassador – she knows perfectly well how to turn tweed into a fun look. On the next evening in Cannes, the actress appeared in a curious outfit: straight trousers and a black corset with large buttons. The image of Kristen, complemented with a diamond necklace, a pair of rings, and black sunglasses, befits a real star. A careless bun on the head and an independent look completed everything.

Take on board the Kristen Stewart technique – a classic piece can be beaten with stylish accessories that will give the image a more contemporary sound.

In the previous post, The long-awaited Oscar ceremony took place last weekend. Kristen Stewart was nominated for a prestigious nomination for the lead role in the film “Spencer” but did not receive an award. Nevertheless, the actress managed to impress the audience with her outfits, as well as the appearance of the bride – Dylan Meyer, to whom Kristen is engaged. The chosen one, Stuart, came to support her beloved and feel the atmosphere of what was happening.

Kristen and Dylan “walked” some spectacular outfits from Chanel. The girls obviously picked things up so that they looked coordinated and tried not to get out of the general style. So one of the interesting images was Kristen’s black and white bustier dress, which opened her shoulders and showed off the celebrity’s slender legs. Shoes were chosen to match the dress. To keep up with Stewart, Dylan chose a black suit, which was a vest and a button-down skirt. Shoes, handbags, and tights matched the chosen items, creating a complete composition.

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