Friday, May 27, 2022

Kourtney Kardashian still changed her last name -


Kourtney Kardashian still changed her last name. Despite the strong feminist movement, famous brides still remembered the old American tradition – to take a double surname. Let Kim Kardashian refuse the prefix West, but her sister decided to express her loyalty to her new husband in such a special way. This Sunday, Courtney tied the knot in picturesque Portofino with musician Travis Barker, backed by Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana. And already this Monday, fans noticed an intriguing caption on her social media profile.

Now the drummer’s wife is not just one of the sisters of the famous clan because her biography says that she is Courtney Kardashian Barker. Apparently, the romantic decision was made on official grounds, and the wedding celebration forever tied them together.

In addition to bright paintings and a yacht, the elegant castle was adorned with magnificent golden statues and dozens of candles in glass vessels lit by the bright fire to create a romantic atmosphere. The passages around the castle and the rented house were blindfolded, and the secrecy of the marriage was guaranteed. The crew reached the pier by boat, which was built next to a house on the beach, giving them direct access to the venue.

All of them have sworn to secrecy and signed legal agreements that prohibit them from talking about large-scale events. The Sunday wedding was the culmination of a multi-day Dolce Vita celebration: the weekend began on Friday with a welcome dinner at the Ristorante Puny, followed by a boat trip on Saturday afternoon.

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