Monday, May 23, 2022

Kim Kardashian sues for protection order over threats -


Kim Kardashian sues for protection order over threats. TV star Kim Kardashian has filed a lawsuit for a protection order, saying she received dozens of threats, including bombing her office. It is reported by the TMZ portal.

Lawyer Sean Holly specified that Kardashian requested a protection order against David Resendiz, who, according to her, somehow obtained her home and business addresses and sent many letters – more than 80 – with various threats to her and her children.

The lawsuit alleges that the man-made many false statements about the TV star’s intimate relationship. Kardashian claims that he made “outrageous” statements about her “of a sexual nature” in his letters.

Previously, Kardashian, as part of a reality show about her own life, admitted that ex-husband Kanye West accused her of disrespect after she called him a rapper on Saturday Night Live. West emphasized that he deserves respect for himself, especially if Kardashian talks about him in public. The TV star revealed that it was not comfortable for the musician to hear about the divorce, while West did not even see the suitable documents.

We have been told that Kim’s security team is trying to handle the situation and is collecting disturbing letters and messages to give to law enforcement. We are guessing, based on the information, that the court will order a ban on it. Either way, Kim will have to go to court to get a permanent ruling against that person for a long time.

In this case, Kardashian is trying to get a restraining order so that the man can be arrested if he contacts him again.

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