Monday, May 2, 2022

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are preparing for a very important event -


The couple is touring the country, not forgetting about the rest.

The relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson develops according to all the rules of a romantic scenario; the lovers do not want to part for a day and travel exclusively together. Last weekend, the couple visited Washington, D.C., where the 23rd Mark Twain Awards ceremony was held, which is annually awarded to the best among comedians. Kim supported her beloved at the event, as he was one of the main contenders for victory. And then they went on a mini-vacation to Orlando, where reporters spotted them.

The White House Press Association (WHCA) has previously said that the dinner “will be the first chance since 2016 for the press and the president to share a few good laughs for a good cause.”

Pete and Kim began dating in late October after getting to know each other during the KUWTK Live Star’s first Saturday Night Live hosting gig.

Kim and Pete stepped off the private jet in casual yet stylish attire: Pete wore a red logo print flannel shirt over a white T-shirt, sweatpants, and white Vans, accessorizing dark glasses and a denim cap. Kim was dressed in fashionable wide-leg jeans with an offset closure and a tight white t-shirt tied at the back. The star pulled her hair into a tight bun and completed the relaxed outfit with black designer glasses and pointed stilettos. 

Together, the couple spotted Chris Appleton, the world-famous hairstylist, on the way out of the plane – insiders believe that Kim is preparing for the upcoming Correspondents Association dinner, which will be held on April 30 at the White House. The event brings together active and significant people from the fields of journalism, politics, and Hollywood circles to raise funds and fund student scholarships. Apparently, the lovers will also go to an important reception together, which will further strengthen the status of their relationship.

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