Friday, May 27, 2022

Kim Cattrall reveals a well-groomed cleavage in advertising -


Kim Cattrall reveals a well-groomed cleavage in advertising. While the heroines of the series And Just So prepare to face the harsh challenges of age in the second season, their former colleague Kim Cattrall is living life to the fullest and happy with everything she has, from a beautiful romance to her own body. It has to be said; that it’s still great.

Having categorically refused to star in the continuation of the Sex and the City series, Kim Cattrall ended her relationship with her on-screen friends, producers, and screenwriters. Those bridges have been burned, but the 65-year-old actress is still on good terms with the main inspirers of the once-cult series.

Living in New York, Cattrall regularly communicates with Candace Bushnell, a journalist, and writer, without whom Carrie and Co., in principle, would not have been born. She is also close to Patricia Field, the most talented stylist whose efforts Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte have become, perhaps, the most stylish women on the planet for many years. The two meet for lunch almost every weekend.

Our heroine cherishes her friendship with Field and Bushnell, regularly posting selfies and videos with colleagues. For fans of the series, these shots are like a balm for the soul. They miss the old Sex and the City world without body positivity and gender diversity, but with irresistible men, “wrong” romances, adventures, outfits, and… Samantha. She is missed not only by the heroines of “And just like that,” scribbling messages to her in London but also by millions of viewers.

As you know, Kim was not eager either to meet with former colleagues or to integrate into a new scenario that depicts the modern agenda. That Samantha, whom everyone adored, remained in the past; however, as the actress said in an interview, over the years, they have become one – she is essentially a fictional character. From time to time, Samantha makes itself felt with rather playful statements in an interview, and now she has practically appeared before us in the flesh in a new commercial.

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