Monday, May 30, 2022

Kevin Spacey was accused of molesting three men -


Actor Kevin Spacey was charged with harassment by British prosecutors. Actor Kevin Spacey has been accused of harassment again. It is reported by the Daily Mail.

British prosecutors charged the artist with harassment against three men. All of the harassment incidents are said to have occurred in London between 2005 and 2013, when Spacey was creative director of the Old Vic Theatre.

Two men said that during that period, they were harassed by the actor. A third alleged victim claims he was forced to have penetrative sex against his will. A date for Spacey’s trial has not yet been set.

Three years ago, actor Anthony Rapp blamed Spacey for rape. About 20 people later reported the harassment to Spacey, including nine colleagues who worked on the House of Cards series. The actor’s reputation was undermined against the backdrop of high-profile proceedings: he was fired from the hit series. The film “All the Money in the World” was re-shot, giving Spacey’s character to Christopher Plummer. None of the charges against Spacey that reached the court ended in a verdict – some plaintiffs withdrew their claims, and prosecutors withdrew some suits due to the statute of limitations or lack of evidence. During the trial, several on-set witnesses testified that the lead actor acted “like a predator.”

According to them, the actor touched the assistant producer and also harassed a young colleague who wanted to audition for participation in the project. Spacey allegedly invited the young actor to his hotel room, but he refused. After that, the star of “House of Cards” still began to touch his colleague. In the fall of 2018, a sex scandal erupted around Spacey. He was accused of harassing and raping at least 15 people, including nine colleagues who worked on House of Cards. In June 2019, Massachusetts prosecutors dropped the sexual assault charges against Spacey.

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