Saturday, May 28, 2022

Kate Moss denies Amber Heard's allegations of abuse by Johnny Depp -


‘Johnny never hit me’: Kate Moss denies Amber Heard‘s allegations of abuse by Depp.

Here is another ex-lover of Depp who denied stories about his cruel temper. This Wednesday, Kate Moss appeared in court via video link directly from her home in Gloucestershire, as she is outraged by the rumors spread by Amber Heard. Speaking in support of her ex-boyfriend, the British supermodel spoke about what really happened at the moment when Johnny allegedly pushed her down the stairs.

As a result, the testimony of Kate Moss turned into another proof of Depp’s good heart and honest intentions. As it turned out, at that very moment, Kate was very hurt, and Johnny immediately rushed to her aid.

Under oath, Model Kate Moss made it clear that the former lover did not let her down the stairs and, even more so, did not physically abuse the star. The bright couple met from 1994 to 1998, and the reason for the breakup was rather the dismissive attitude of Depp himself; he himself told the press about his stupid mistake.

At that moment, the brightest actor in Hollywood put his career at the forefront, and years later, he realized that he shouldn’t have been so worried about the attention of the press to his person. Returning home, Johnny had to leave problems at the door, but only the experience he had lived through helped him draw the right conclusions about what had happened. Kate, who is notoriously tight-lipped about her personal life, did share her take on their relationship in 2012, recalling that she “spent years “crying for Jhonny after the breakup.

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