Friday, May 27, 2022

Kate Moss Claims Johnny Depp Never Pushed Her Down The Stairs -


Johnny Depp has been under a lot of fire recently due to allegations made against him by Amber Heard. The famous star has had his fair share of struggles after the allegations and is currently in a lawsuit with the latter to make up for the troubles he went through. The whole trial is a mess and a constant battle between who is right and who is wrong.

Amber Heard claimed that Johnny Depp was abusive toward her during the time of their relationship. Both parties are currently in a legal battle as both have sued each other for defamation. Under the same circumstances, Amber Heard recently brought up the rumors that Johnny Depp pushed his ex-girlfriend, Kate Moss, down the stairs while they were dating. This caused an uproar amongst fans until now. Kate Moss herself took the stand recently to stand by Johnny Depp.

Kate Moss testified that Johnny had not pushed her down the stairs during their vacation to Jamaica years ago. She claims that rather than being the bad guy, Johnny had carried her to her room and made sure she had the medical attention that she needed. Amber Heard who had brought up the Kate Moss incident to further ruin Johnny’s reputation was understandably shocked at the reaction from Kate. She had spoken of the incident to defend her statement of the altercation between Johnny Depp and her sister back in 2015.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have had an abusive relationship throughout however Amber Heard is not willing to take any of the blame and claims she is a victim. She has admitted however to hitting Johnny Depp straight in his face. She also stated that Johnny had not pushed her sister down the stairs.

Johnny Depp has had multiple accusatory words thrown at him in this case however it always seems that he is innocent. Amber Heard’s consistent efforts of defaming Johnny Depp have proved fruitless so far as the testimonies of individual people and the fans have stood by Johnny’s true nature and character.

The whole trial has been made one big circus so far and Miss Heard has not been able to prove to the court that Johnny was in fact abusive.

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