Friday, May 27, 2022

Kaley Cuoco Tells Wonderful Story About Supportive Father -


Kaley Cuoco is most famously known for her role in “The Big Bang Theory“. She has done many shows and movies but her role as the beloved Penny has earned her millions of fans throughout the world. Being one of the kindest celebrities to exist, she is loved everywhere and is always the topic of discussion.

Even with all of the millions of fans she has, there is nothing like a parent’s support and love. In a recent interview on the “Late Late Show”, Kaley confided in James Cordon that she had some sweet memories of her father while she was filming “The Big Bang Theory”.

According to Kaley, her father would always come to every single taping and everything related to the show. She claimed that he had a director’s chair with his name on it but he chose to stand rather than sit on it. During the curtain calls and bows and intro to each episode, her father would be at the top and would never fail to give her a thumbs up. He showed her at every turn how proud of her he was.

This was such a habit that the entire crew and the audience present would do the same for her father. It was almost like a weekly occurrence. The action was a special thing for all of them and they appreciated the support and love they received from her father.

Although the show ended in 2019, she claims that her dad still misses attending the tapings. She had gotten so used to him being there to support her that she could not be able to tape without him. It had been years since he was coming to her tapings and she loved the support from him.

This memory of hers truly warmed all of our hearts. Having a supportive fanbase is important but it’s nice to see supportive parents as well. Her dad’s actions have been called sweet by many people and Kaley herself knows that she wouldn’t be where she is without her father’s support.

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