Sunday, May 29, 2022

Jude Law to star in Star Wars TV series -


Jude Law to star in Star Wars TV series. British actor Jude Law to play John Watts in Star Wars series.

British actor Jude Law will play a role in the Star Wars: Skeleton Crew series, which will unfold in the Star Wars universe. It is reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

In the center of the plot is the story of a group of children lost in the galaxy and trying to find their way home. The series will be directed by Jon Watts, best known for the Spider-Man trilogy starring Tom Holland. Screenwriter Christopher Ford will be working with him on the project. Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is executive produced by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni.

Filming of the show is scheduled for the summer. Who will play Jude Law in the series is still unknown.

Earlier it was reported that Disney launched the creation of a new series, “Daredevil.”

Disney has begun development on a new Daredevil series. It is reported by Variety.

It is noted that Matt Korman and Chris Ord, who previously worked together on the TV series Dark Liaisons, will be the scriptwriters of the future project.

According to the interlocutor of the publication, Charlie Cox will appear in the project. Disney Studio has not yet confirmed the information about the new series. It was previously reported that British actress Talisa Garcia has landed a role in a Disney+ streaming service called Willow. She became the first approved transgender artist on Disney+. The series will be a spin-off to the 1988 fantasy film of the same name. In the center of the plot is a princess who goes to save her twin brother.

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