Thursday, May 5, 2022

Johnny Depp's bodyguard revealed the truth about Amber Heard's most scandalous act -


In the High Court of London, Amber Heard defeated Johnny Depp, so the Hollywood actor pointed a case against his ex-wife in the United States. Here, the jurors are trying to figure out the ups and downs of their personal lives – ordinary people who now know everything about the relationship of a couple that does not disappear from the front pages of the tabloids. Starling Jenkins, Depp’s former bodyguard, testified last Thursday.

He stayed at the couple’s house even during Johnny’s departures, so he constantly contacted Amber Heard. However, Starling is the only one who witnessed one of the events described by the Hollywood actor. It’s about her own feces that AMBER HEARD left on Depp’s bed” as a joke .” Yes, this act really seemed funny to the actress.

Jenkins said that at a dinner in honor of the 30th anniversary of Amber Heard on April 21, 2016, the girl quarreled with her husband. The reason for the disagreement was that Johnny was late for such an important family event, because of which Heard made a big scandal. Depp tried to explain to her that he missed dinner because of a long conversation with his assistant, who suddenly found out that JOHNNY’S FINANCIAL SITUATION could not be called the best. But Amber was not satisfied with such explanations. A few days later, the girl left for the Coachella music festival with friends, and the actor found feces on his side of the bed.

And if at first Hurd tried to mislead the court, saying that this was an accident, in the occurrence of which the couple’s dogs could be blamed, now a witness could refute her words. The same security guard accompanied the actress on a trip to COACHELLA: in court, he admitted that he took the luggage of Heard and her dogs before she herself had time to leave the house. On her way to the music festival, the actress confided to him several times that she was afraid of Depp’s reaction to what she called “a terribly bad prank. “


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