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Jennifer Aniston sees a therapist after her divorce from Brad Pitt -


Jennifer Aniston sees a therapist after her divorce from Brad Pitt. Jennifer Aniston admits she went to a therapist after her divorce from Brad Pitt. Actress Jennifer Aniston admitted that she had to see a psychotherapist after her divorce from artist Brad Pitt. She spoke about this on the American show The Ellen Show. Parting with her husband coincided with the end of the filming of the series “Friends.”

“I got divorced and went to therapy. Then I starred in the movie American Divorce. It felt like I was going under. And then I decided it was time to open a new chapter. And I started all over again. It worked,” recalled the actress.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have been married for five years. In 2005 they divorced.

Earlier, Aniston admitted that she had insomnia and sleepwalking and also experienced feelings of anxiety and anxiety for decades.

Jennifer Aniston complained of health problems. The Hollywood star spoke about her condition in an interview with People.

The artist admitted that she suffered from insomnia, sleepwalking, and feelings of restlessness and anxiety for decades. However, Aniston said that she did not immediately realize the scale of the sleep problem, which subsequently greatly affected her performance and physical condition.

“I think it started somewhere in my 30s or even earlier, then it was difficult to notice the consequences of lack of sleep: we are young, so we are so invincible,” the star shared. Aniston also added that due to insomnia, she began to walk in her sleep – at night, the alarm in her house reacted to the actress. For a long time, the star put off going to the doctor; however, having turned once, she approached the fight against this problem with all seriousness. “Before, the problem of insomnia was the last one on the list of those that I wanted to solve. But with poor sleep, when the biological clock is completely knocked down, it is impossible to exercise or go on a diet,” said the actress.

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