Tuesday, May 3, 2022

"I go into the bathroom and cry": Megan Fox spoke about her sons - yuetu.info


35-year-old actress Megan Fox admitted that it is very difficult for her to part with her three sons. The Fox children are now 9, 8, and 5 years old.

The star of the film “Transformers” and a mother of many children rarely see children because of acting, and this situation worries her greatly.

“When I manage to talk to them on the phone, I hang up and cry. I love them so much and want to be there forever. But I know that a father next to them will take care of the boys. And I rush to them at the first opportunity. I hope that we can spend more time together when they get older,” admitted the star.

Megan is confident that her connection with her sons will continue over the years.

“I travel a lot, and they have to go to school. I would like to take them with me on a trip; it would greatly facilitate the task. I cry a lot, usually every new moon. I go into the bathroom and cry because it’s hard. No, this is not due to social pressure, but simply because it is difficult for me without boys. They are my DNA. We will always be connected,” admitted the actress.

At the same time, many fans of the actress are surprised that her sons often wear women’s clothes. Megan believes that children are allowed to wear what they like.

“It has nothing to do with their sexuality. I’m sure they don’t understand what gender separation is yet. I have read a lot of books about being trans as children, so I have nothing to worry about. And in general, I love my boys and accept them for who they are,” Megan says. Earlier, we wrote about what the presenter Yulia Baranovskaya learned from her young daughter.

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