Wednesday, May 18, 2022

How Johnny Depp spends his free time from court hearings -


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, even a few years after the breakup, continue their proceedings in court. So, an actor in Virginia filed a lawsuit for defamation – the dissemination of defamatory information. It can be reliable (dissemination of truthful defamatory information), unintentionally unreliable (unintentionally dissemination of false, defamatory information), and deliberately irresponsible (slander). However, it will be pretty difficult for the actor to prove his case – after all, in her 2018 article, Amber really never mentioned his name.

However, judging by the hype in the media, soon, all the jury will be on its side of Johnny. Not so long ago, he finally finished giving evidence, and the court heard all the witnesses for the prosecution. So now it was Amber’s turn to defend herself. And she’s already made some highly controversial statements.

Now there has been a long-awaited pause in the trial. Journalists learned that Depp decided to spend time in Europe. He went there to gain strength before the next meetings with the participation of Heard. “He hangs out with his friends, plays the guitar, and walks a lot,” the insider said.

Experts insist that it will not be easy for Johnny to win this case. Defamation cases are hard to beat, lawyers say. And for world-class celebrities, this becomes an impossible task at. “It is rather difficult to prove that everything was done with intent,” the expert noted.

Another Depp fan said he used the one-year paid vacation time for the trial and has so far spent $ 30,000 on his expenses. Ivan de Boer, 59, said. “I took my whole year off so I could come here for Johnny. I’m just like Johnny. I’m single, so I do what I want, basically. He told the outlet that he had no regrets about coming to see the trail, adding that “I would have been more sorry if I had not been here.”


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