Saturday, May 14, 2022

How did Tom Parker's wife Kelsey Parker tell her 2-year-old daughter that her father had died -


How did Tom Parker‘s wife tell her 2-year-old daughter that her father had died? Talking for the first time since Tom Parker’s demise from brain cancer, Kelsey Parker disclosed how she was “real” with their two young children about “daddy really not arriving back.”

Kelsey Parker, the widow of Tom Parker, narrated how she broke the news to their two young children that 33-year-old Tom was approaching the end of his life. The “Wanted” singer died away on March 30 after battling brain cancer, and Kelsey opened up about how hard it is to bring this harsh truth to kids who don’t understand death. 

“I was very real; I took the advice; Bodhi was only 19 months old,” Kelsey said, appearing on ITV’s 2 Free Women on Friday (May 6), according to The Mirror. Kelsey said that with her two-year-old daughter, Aurelia, it was “really difficult and she was confused.”

Kelsey also conveyed that her young daughter questions every day if “dad is coming to the meeting” and asked Kelsey’s mother, “So, is dad really not coming back?” Tom’s widow also said her daughter was “very worried” when Kelsey left the house to appear on the show. “And today I said: “Today I am on television, and we will talk about dad because everyone should remember dad.”

According to Kelsey’s Instagram statement, Tom passed away “peacefully” at the end of March. In October 2020, the Wanted singer was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and spent the next two years fighting to extend his life. Unfortunately, in the end, he lost the fight. 

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