Monday, May 16, 2022

'Game of Thrones' stuntwoman sues series creators -


Game of Thrones‘ stuntwoman demands five million dollars from show creators.

Game of Thrones stuntwoman Casey Michaels is suing the creators of the series over her injury. It is reported by Variety.

In February 2018, while filming the final season, Michaels suffered a severe fracture to her left ankle. In this regard, she decided to sue Fire & Blood Productions, the British subsidiary of HBO. She demanded five million dollars from the representatives of the corporation.

The woman was injured while pretending to be one of the white walkers who climbed the castle walls. In total, 28 stuntmen portrayed walkers; they had to descend from a roof about 3.6 meters high and fall onto a structure below, consisting of cardboard boxes. As Michaels explained, all the stuntmen descended on the boxes, so over time, they deformed.

It is clarified that Michaels jumped last and landed feet first. Since the incident, she has undergone multiple foot surgeries, extensive, intensive physical therapy, and treatment for depression.

Fire & Blood Productions said that the stuntwoman was not going down from the roof according to instructions. The company believes that her injury was caused by an incorrect stunt or an accident.

According to the therapists in Michaels’ claim, his range of motion has been significantly reduced, which has prevented Michaels from skiing, skydiving, gymnastics, or running. Michaels reportedly also struggles with basic tasks such as shopping, cooking, and gardening.

Michaels has not been able to return to work since the onset of the injury. Of note, Michaels’ parents, Wayne Michaels and Tracey Eddon are both legendary stunt actors, as his father stood for Pierce Brosnan in “Goldeneye” and his mother took Princess Leia. “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.” But doubled.

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