Monday, May 2, 2022

Famous DJ Tim Westwood accused of harassment -


Famous DJ Tim Westwood was accused of sexual harassment by three women at once

64-year-old famous British DJ, TV, and radio presenter Tim Westwood have been accused of sexual harassment. The Guardian reports it.

According to a BBC documentary, Westwood’s two accusers wanted the musician when they met with a DJ in London to discuss music. Instead, the women, one of whom was 19 at the time, allege that Westwood took them to a flat and began having avoided an unpredictable coupling.

Another accused told a British outlet that she met Westwood when she was 17 and in her mid-30s. The female, who was then a member of an R&B group, said she was subjected to undesirable acts after deciding to meet him.

Four other women have charged Westwood of touching her unproperly as she posed for photos at various events where he was acting.

Three women stated that they suffered from the actions of the artist. According to them, Westwood used his position in the musical field and forced them to have coupling. According to the publication, the first such episode occurred in 1992, the last in 2017. The victims of harassment were girls aged 17, 19 and 20 who wished to remain anonymous.

Four other women told The Guardian the DJ groped them while they were taking pictures with the artist after his performance at a nightclub. The victims also did not want to disclose their names.

Tim Westwood categorically denies all accusations against him. “Any suggestion that he acts or acted in the manner described is a lie and serious slander,” the DJ’s lawyers said.

Earlier it was reported that the filming of the film “Being Mortal” with Bill Murray in one of the main roles was suspended due to complaints about the actor. He was accused of inappropriate behavior on the film set. According to an insider, the 71-year-old artist playfully molested women.

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