Saturday, May 14, 2022

Everything we know about the non-public husband of Elizabeth Olsen -


Although Wanda Vision star Elizabeth Olsen keeps a low profile for a Hollywood star, the actress occasionally talks about her partner, singer Robbie Arnett. In fact, Olsen shocked fans when she called Arnett, her husband, during an interview with Variety in June 2021. But overall, the actress has remained relatively tight-lipped about her relationship with Arnett since the pair were first spotted together in March 2017. Just over two years later, journalists reported that Olsen and Arnett were engaged in July 2019.

At the time, a source confirmed that the engagement followed three years of dating. Although they keep the details of their relationship under wraps, Arnett is no stranger to being in the spotlight, having been in the entertainment industry for years. We have compiled some interesting facts about Elizabeth Olsen’s husband.

Arnett is part of the Los Angeles band Milo Greene. The singer-songwriter trio released their debut album in 2012, followed by 2015’s Control and 2018’s Adult Contemporary. A few months after he and Olsen were first spotted together, the Marvel actress revealed on Morning Live that her boyfriend is “in a cool band.”

Elizabeth and Robbie are more than just spouses; they are also collaborators. The pair teamed up to write a children’s book, Hattie Harmony: Restless Detective. Coming out June 28, 2022, the book is dedicated to Hattie Harmony, the Troubled Detective who supports her friends to cope with the stresses of everyday life. Discussing the book, Olsen said, “Robbie and I would love to introduce Hattie Harmony to the world. We hope Hattie becomes our friend and a welcome reminder to be kind to ourselves and to each other .” During a May 2022 build on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Olsen revealed that she and Arnett were planning to turn the book into a series. The actress also credited Arnett with the book’s title, saying, “This is my husband. He’s very smart .”


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