Thursday, May 12, 2022

Every day is Mother's Day when you are Kelly Ripa. Kelly's children - Michael, Lola, and Michael Consuelos - gave her a beautiful bouquet before the holiday -


Every day is Mother’s Day when you are Kelly Ripa. Kelly’s children – Michael, Lola, and Michael Consuelos – gave her a beautiful bouquet before the holiday.

“Bring your chicks to work!” Kelly Ripa captioned a photo she posted on Instagram on Friday, May 6.

 In the picture, 51-year-old Kelly poses with three children from Mark Consuelos: Joaquin Consuelos, 19, Lola Consuelos, 20, and 24-year-old Michael Consuelos. Three “chickens” brought their mother hen a bouquet that could be part of “Bring Your Kids to Work Day,” or Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday in the US. Either way, Kelly obviously relished the motion from her family.

“There is nothing better than being with our little ones,” one fan added, as others shared his feelings. “Beautiful picture.” “Happy Mother’s Day, Kelly. You have a wonderful family.” “I love your family; God bless you and your family.” “Such a beautiful family. I can’t believe how tall Joaquin has become.” 

This public family reunion comes a month after Kelly celebrated her husband’s 51st birthday. 

Kelly and Mark celebrated their silver wedding anniversary in 2021. Kelly commemorated the occasion with a photograph taken at their 1996 wedding. 

“The best gift in the world,” she captioned the picture, adding: “This wonderful life…”.

In the twenty-five years since they said “Yes,” Kelly and Mark have welcomed three children into the world and seen their children grow up to become worthy adults. They even took Michael, Joaquin, and Lola to college.

In August 2021, Kelly noted how she and her husband embraced the “empty nest” awareness by sharing a humorous photo of her and Mark on the couch. Kelly was dressed in a sweatshirt and black-framed glasses, while Mark looked casual in a simple T-shirt. 

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