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Depp's bodyguard spoke about the bruises on the actor's face received from Heard -


Depp’s bodyguard spoke about the bruises on the actor’s face received from Heard. Johnny Depp’s bodyguard spoke about the bruises on the actor’s face received from Amber Heard.

The bodyguard of the American actor Johnny Depp, Malcolm Connolly, spoke during a court hearing in the case of defamation of the artist by his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, about the bruises and scratches that he noticed on the actor’s face. It is reported by the Daily Mail.

Amber began to alter. Amber became tenser and tenser, insisting. I could see that Amber wanted to wear pants in this relationship. That was very clear, “he said.

The bodyguard added that Heard could ‘catch a cold on a drop of a hat’ and that over time Depp was seen ‘quieting’ as Amber ‘became grumpy.’

According to the man, at first, the Pirates of the Caribbean star was really happy with his wife, but during the honeymoon, the bodyguard began to notice that Hurd was becoming more demanding and daring, and Depp was quiet and unhappy. The artist’s guard saw traces of beatings on his face even then.

“It was wonderful to see Johnny Depp happy, but already during the honeymoon in 2013, I noticed scratches and bruises on his face,” Connolly said. In addition, the artist’s security guard said that he often heard Amber Heard’s screams, as well as the couple’s verbal skirmishes, but never noticed signs of beatings on the face or body of the actress.

Depp’s bodyguard provided a photograph of the actor taken during the couple’s honeymoon as proof of his words. On it, the man pointed to swelling near the nose, as well as under the left eye of the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

Earlier, the former agent of Johnny Depp shared the details of the affair between Amber Heard and Elon Musk, saying that the actress has always been indifferent to the entrepreneur.


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