Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Dave Chappelle Makes Guest Appearance On John Mulaney's Show And Catches Fire With The Trans Community Once More - yuetu.info


John Mulaney‘s show in Columbus, Ohio saw a guest appearance from the man who was once deemed as the greatest comedian on the planet; Dave Chappelle.

Chappelle opened the show for Mulaney, did a little bit of his routine, and then walked off the stage as Mulaney thanked him for being there. But apparently, the jokes that Chappelle did in this routine did not seem to sit very well with the LGBT community. Several people who were in attendance expressed their disapproval on twitter afterwards, remarking that the jokes Dave Chappelle made were not only transphobic but also homophobic. Some people also tweeted that they were shocked and disheartened to hear such a large crowd laughing at Dave’s jokes.

Furthermore, several people even came after John Mulaney expressing their disappointment over the fact that Mulaney would allow Dave Chappelle to use his platform to make such jokes and then thank him for being there instead of speaking up against him.

However, while this was one side of the twitterverse, there was another side which came to Dave’s aid. They pointed out that the jokes that were being deemed transphobic and homophobic weren’t that way at all.

Since phones were locked up before the show began there is no footage available of the actual performance but people took to twitter to explain that Dave made a joke in which he said he was attacked by a gun which identified as a knife. One person tweeted that what was being termed as a homophobic joke was just Dave saying, “maybe you two are gay, I don’t know, nothing wrong with that if that’s the case.” The context of the line wasn’t motioned.

Neither Dave Chappelle nor John Mulaney have had anything to say about this controversy so far. However, this is not the first time that Dave Chappelle has been under fire from the LGBT community. His October 2021 special with Netflix titled, “The Closer” was also criticized for having transphobic jokes in it. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation (GLAAD) in particular had denounced Chappelle’s special.


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