Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Chris Evans honors National Rescue Dog Day with his dog Pooch Dodger -


Chris Evans honors National Rescue Dog Day with his dog Pooch Dodger. Everyone’s favorite Avenger couldn’t protect his heart from puppy love when he made eye contact with a stray dog ​​from a shelter in 2017. Five years later, Chris Evans posted on Instagram another adorable snapshot of his beloved rescue pet Dodger in honor of National Rescue Dog Day. The famous superhero is clearly not afraid of obstacles next to his faithful furry friend.

Even while traveling by car, the boxer mix finds support on the shoulder of its famous master. The story of friendship began at the Savannah Animal Shelter during the filming of the drama film The Gifted, which celebrates the theme of fatherhood.

In February 2019, as part of a similar celebration dedicated to Love Pets Day, Evans dug up a video on social media of his first “hanging out” at the shelter with Dodger, then named Benny. The lead actor in Captain America couldn’t contain his emotions as he told fans about his kindest boy:

“He stayed there for about a month. I can’t believe no one took it before! “- the famous actor is perplexed. Now Chris can clearly be proud of another bright achievement in the spirit of his character from Marvel Comics because next to him, the abandoned dog finally found a family.

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