Sunday, May 1, 2022

Cannes Film Festival opening film renamed because of 'Z.' -


Cannes Film Festival opening film renamed because of ‘Z.’

Michel Hazanavicius ‘ zombie comedy titled ” Final Cut ” (“Comme Z” in French, Cinema News note), which is to be the opening film of the International Cannes Film Festival, has been renamed.

The reason given is the unwillingness of the filmmakers to evoke associations with a special military operation carried out by Russia. Hazanavicius himself confirmed the changes, stating that he made the decision after receiving a letter demanding it was done.

“The title might have been funny when we finished the film a few months ago, but now it’s not, and I can’t support it anymore. My film is made to be fun,” the director said in a statement.

Note that in the center of the plot is a team of filmmakers filming a low-budget film about zombies. Things are not going well for them, but everything changes when the creators of the picture are attacked by the real living dead. Now Hazanavicius’ project will be presented to European audiences under the name “Coupe.”

Recall that the main program of the Cannes Film Festival will feature the work of Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov ” Tchaikovsky’s Wife.

Ever since Vladimir Putin undertook his aggression on Ukraine in February, the world’s top film festivals have faced tough inquiries about standing with the European nation. Initial talks on banning Russian films were largely abandoned because of deceiving tries to penalize artists who did not sustain the war, and most festivals continue to work with Russian filmmakers. ۔ However, Cannes Film Festival organizers now face another Russian issue from an incredible source: a zombie film.

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