Friday, May 27, 2022

Caitlyn Jenner Says People Think They're Trans Because Of Publicity -


Trans rights are something that many people are fighting to have in the last few years. Transgenders have had no say in the world for a significantly long period and so trans people getting rights has been a major step in raising a voice in the community about their basic rights.

Caitlyn Jenner has always been known for making controversial statements in the media. She has been known to have strong opinions on everything. But lately, her opinions have begun to surface in her community. Caitlyn has never shied away from making statements that would shake normal human beings. But she might be under fire for her latest controversial opinion.

According to Caitlyn, she believes there is a transgender popularity contest happening in the world. She believes that many people are not trans but choose to believe they are because the option is available. She also believes that many children claim to be trans because it is the cool thing to do. She believes that many of the people who think they are trans are suffering from body dysmorphia.

Caitlyn states that many of the younger individuals see all the people coming out as trans and they choose to do the same because it seems like the “hip and fresh” thing to do. This upsets her as she has always stood for trans rights and watching trans people become a joke is affecting her deeply.

Caitlyn claims that statistically, the trans community is much smaller in America than what is being shown in the media. Most of the people who claim to be trans are suffering from body dysphoria which is a disorder leading to individuals seeing their body as something one day and something else another day. She believes that a lot of the people who claim they are trans are just confusing the two.

Caitlyn is known for her controversial opinions and thus is expected to have a lot of backlash for this one. However, she doesn’t seem to care about any of that as she believes she is just protecting the trans community from people who are not genuine about it.

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