Monday, May 30, 2022

Britney Spears' father is scared to vow about custody and hides from the singer's attorneys -


Britney Spears‘ father is scared to vow about custody and hides from the singer’s attorneys. Britney Spears’ lawyers have filed a motion to compel her father, Jamie Spears, to testify, saying he failed to appear at any of eight previous hearings. So writes about this publication People.

“Mr. Spears cannot hide from his obligations forever. He used his daughter’s money for thirteen years; now he will have to pay legal costs himself,” wrote the singer’s lawyer.

In December, Jamie Spears demanded that Britney pay his lawyers money for “current fiduciary duties related to the completion of custody.” This request lawyer Britney Spears called “shameful.”

The singer’s lawyer accused her father of stubbornness and evasion of testifying, during which he had to answer questions about how he managed Britney’s money, being her guardian for thirteen years. The lawyer also accused Jamie Spears of repeatedly violating custody rules, particularly installing hidden cameras in the house to monitor his daughter.

Defender Britney Spears expressed confidence that the father of the singer deliberately avoids court hearings because he has something to hide.

Earlier, It was said that Meghan Markle’s sister accused her of mistreating the elderly. Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha has accused the Duchess of “elderly abuse.” She turned to the world community for help after her father suffered a stroke. About it writes the publication The Mirror.

Speaking on television, Meghan Markle’s sister publicly complained about the behavior of the Duchess in light of their father’s stroke. Samantha Markle asked her sister to stop “watching and doing nothing” after their father was rushed to the hospital. The reason for the statement was Megan’s silence: according to Samantha, her sister did not contact her after reports of Thomas Markle’s deteriorating health.

On May 25, Thomas Markle suffered a stroke. It is assumed that he was hospitalized in a clinic a few hours’ drives from the house where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry live.

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