Monday, May 2, 2022

American actress Megan Fox said she drank the blood of her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly -


American actress Megan Fox said she drank the blood of her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, while performing special rituals. She spoke about this in an interview with Glamor UK.

Unsurprisingly, Megan and MGK got engaged in January this year, and the corresponding post went viral on social media platforms in minutes. Then, under a banyan tree, the rapper popped the question, which is very important in his story. In a detailed note he shared on Instagram, he described how the couple drank each other’s blood immediately after saying yes.

When I do this, it’s a kind of path for me, and I always do it for some reason. The process is controlled and usually goes like this: “Let’s spill a few drops of blood, and everyone will drink it,”

The actress also noted that her fiancé also samples his own blood during these rituals. However, in an interview with reporters, Fox insists that her blood, which the singer drinks, does not contain toxins, as she leads a healthy lifestyle.

“I am always completely sober. I don’t even drink wine; I don’t drink coffee; I never smoke. I watch my diet very strictly and never deviate from the plan,”- she said.

In January 2022, Machine Gun Kelly proposed to Megan Fox. He gave her a spiked ring and explained: “If she tries to take it off, it will hurt. Love is pain!” In addition, the future spouses reported that at the end of the ceremony, they drank each other’s blood.

Megan Fox also said that machine gun Kelly would gladly cut off her chest and show her soul if she liked to, and when asked if this had occurred in the past, she said, “I’ll tell you.” It may not be so, but the same of it has occurred in many courses.

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