Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Actress Sophia Bush's stalker apprehended when she brought flowers and gifts -


Actress Sophia Bush’s stalker apprehended. Stalker Sophia Bush was arrested when she brought flowers and gifts to the actress.

Stalker actress Sophia Bush was arrested in Los Angeles. It is reported by TMZ. According to Bush, 36-year-old Joseplin Coreaarguello regularly appeared near the house of the actress. Coreaarguello was arrested on the grounds of Sophia Bush’s home after she brought gifts and flowers for the star.

Sources say that the stalker also sent threats in private messages on Bush’s social networks. If Bush is found guilty of persecution, she faces up to one year in prison. Now she is in custody. Earlier it was reported that the stalker made his way into the house of singer Harry Styles and ransacked it. In 2019, Harry helped the homeless Pablo Tarazage-Orero by giving him money for food and housing. After that, the homeless man became obsessed with the artist: he pursued him on social networks, and not only did he try to grab him while jogging. Styles won a ban on approaching him through the courts.

Recently, Tarazaga-Orero, 28, broke into the star’s home, attacked his housekeeper, and destroyed an expensive vase. He is now in police custody and will be charged with violating an injunction.

Singer and actress Willow Smith, daughter of actor Will Smith, stated that an unknown person stalked her over the Internet and then became a real “stalker.” The girl spoke about this on the program Red Table Talk.

According to her, the man “stalked” her on the Internet for years and then climbed into her house and waited for the girl to return.

“In fact, he learned my patterns during this time. When we went on vacation with my family in December, he actually came to my house and broke in there while we were away,” Smith shared.


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