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Billie Eilish is 'extremely offended' by people who make fun of her tics because of Tourette's syndrome -


Billie Eilish is ‘extremely offended’ by people who make fun of her tics because of Tourette’s syndrome

In her 20s, Billie Eilish was able to win not only the love of the audience but also many significant awards. However, few people know about the true experiences of the singer, especially about her health problems. But Billy decided to talk about what life is like with Tourette syndrome. The secret was revealed during the young star’s interview with comedian David Letterman for his Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. The Grammy winner has shown how the tics caused by this disease affect her life.

She was diagnosed at the age of 11, and the singer says that people who do not know that she has Tourette’s syndrome often do not notice her tics during communication and react to them in an inappropriate way. Tourette syndrome is a disorder that involves repetitive movements or unwanted sounds (tics) that are not easily controlled. For example, constantly blinking your eyes, shrugging your shoulders, or saying unusual sounds or offensive words. After becoming a public figure, the 20-year-old realized that the disorder was much more common than she thought.

The star admits that some of her tics go away with time, but there are subtle moments that remain part of her daily life. Only during performances does the star not experience discomfort.

Apparently, the movement gives Billy a sense of freedom. “These are things that you will never notice if you just talk to me, but for me, they are very tiring,” she said. However, despite the experience, she gained confidence; although she may not have all the answers, she is “very happy to talk about it .” “I really enjoy answering questions about it because it’s very, very interesting, and it makes me incredibly embarrassed,” the star concluded.

Dua Lipa showed the most relevant swimsuit of this summer and an impeccable figure -


Dua Lipa showed the most relevant swimsuit of this summer and an impeccable figure. The singer sunbathes in a floral bikini on a lake in Germany.

The 26-year-old superstar looked dazzling in a pink and orange floral set, showing off her stunning figure. The singer shared fresh pictures in which she basked in the sun near a German lake after a show in Munich. In fresh footage, Dua Lipa was lying on her side, her long dark hair gathered in a high ponytail. The summer look was completed with hoop earrings and a gold chain belt wrapped around the waist. According to the Daily Mail, she was accompanied on the beach by her friends Rosie Viva, Ray Ann Hayden, and trainer Annie Moves.

It wasn’t the first time Dua had shared photos like this. A week ago, she posted with her younger sister Rina Lipa on her birthday. In the charming pictures, the girls posed in swimsuits: the singer preferred a yellow crochet bikini, and her 21-year-old sister opted for a bright pink set with gold chains. And a little earlier, the star posted a series of photos from the vacation, demonstrating a toned body and a large collection of swimsuits – from neon green to classic black.

The British-born singer is in the midst of her Future Nostalgia Tour, which kicked off in Miami in February.

In addition, the singers will travel the world in the month of November singing hit songs. This is the time when she will unveil in Perth, Australia. When it comes to the commercial and commercial aspects of the singer’s music career, a recent report has revealed that the Leaving singer is being prosecuted for copyright infringement in the 2020 hit.

Kim Kardashian appeared in a black dress at the wedding of her older sister, Kourtney -


Kim Kardashian appeared in a black dress at the wedding of her older sister, Kourtney.

This Sunday, Kourtney Kardashian finally said goodbye to her single position in the circle of the famous clan. Dolce & Gabbana was responsible for organizing and dressing the stylish celebration of the 43-year-old bride and 46-year-old Travis Barker in picturesque Portofino. Who, if not a fashion house with a rich history, could realize all the ideas of a couple in sunny Italy? The Kardashian family, with their characteristic enterprise, turned the wedding into a business event, so the brand fully sponsored the event.

Of course, in addition to the newly-married spouses, honored guests of the ceremony also dressed in their bold outfits. Particular attention was riveted on the mother, manager Kris Jenner, and her chic daughters, who have long earned the right to be called “modern style icons. The beauties decided to work out the contract in full, so the fans managed to see several of their fashionable reincarnations at once.

Looking at the gothic image of the platinum blonde Kim Kardashian. It’s hard to believe that the TV star with Armenian roots has nothing to do with the Mediterranean state. Sicilian lace accentuated her hourglass figure, while the closed silhouette gave a characteristic touch of mystery. A massive choker in the form of a cross was a great addition to the outfit, and the founder of SKIMS seemed to have stepped out of the canvases of Renaissance painters. And although many people associate black dresses with the tragic fate of mafia wives, with their exit, the caring sister puts an end to the status of the elder Courtney.

Jussie Smollett Is Ready To Make His Directing Debut -


It seems that Jussie Smollett is ready to make his directing debut. Check out the latest reports about the man below.

The Shade Room said: ‘Looks like #JussieSmollett is ready to make his directing debut! BET+ has picked up Jussie’s “B-Boy Blues,” which is set to debut on the streaming platform June 9. The project is a film adaptation of a novel by #JamesEarlHardy, and follows the unlikely lovely story of Mitchell Crawford, a college-educated journalist from Brooklyn, and Raheim Rivers, a bike messenger from Harlem. The film taps #MonaScottYoung as a producer, and features actors #BroderickHunter, #Ledisi, #TimothyRichardson, and #BrandeeEvans.’

Someone said: ‘Gurl he already made his directing debut,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘I’m glad he has another opportunity to make a living.’

A fan said: ‘No thanks because the storyline is probably based on lies,’ and a commenter posted this message: ‘Kim, there’s people that are dying!!!!’

Someone else said: ‘They hate on you till you winning again.’

It seems that there are new things happening in Jussie Smollett ‘s case. Check out the latest reports below.

TSR notes: ‘Whew chile, looks like #JussieSmollett wants either a new trial in court or a not-guilty verdict for allegedly lying to cops.’

TSR said: ‘If you remember, jurors found Jussie guilty of five felony counts of disorderly conduct back in December. Well according to @TMZ_tv, Jussie’s defense team just filed new documents asking the judge to reverse the verdict.’

‘In docs, Jussie claims the court violated his constitutional rights when it prevented his defense team from actively participating in the jury selection process. His defense goes on to claim prosecutors showed a pattern of racism in selecting jurors.(SWIPE)’ TSR notes.

Someone said: ‘This still going on? He’s guilty. Goodbye let’s move on already,’ and one other follower posted this: ‘hile atp let it ride. I forgot all about it and we have bigger fish to fry .’

A follower said: ‘I still wanna know like how he even came up with it like what happened for him to want to do that.’

Sofia Vergara in a leopard print swimsuit shows off her perfect figure and tan -


Sofia Vergara in a leopard print swimsuit shows off her perfect figure and tan. The actress is definitely ready for the beach season.

49-year-old Colombian-American actress Sofia Vergara, in addition to her husband, actor Joe Manganiello, loves three things: skimpy outfits, including low-cut swimsuits, leopard print, and the D&G brand. The star of the film “Beauties on the Run” quite often posts her photos on social networks in tight dresses with a large neckline and in a bikini, and most often, these are the creations of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who consider Sofia the ideal embodiment of woman and femininity – she even was their face collections.

Recently, Vergara delighted fans with a new portion of pictures in a one-piece leopard print swimsuit, which emphasized her impeccable figure. Tight buttocks, slender legs, a flat stomach, and pumped arms – the actress’s followers were delighted and bombarded her with thousands of enthusiastic comments, among which were compliments about how beautiful and delightful she was.

In addition, Sofia’s followers drew attention to her neat and super-even tan. True, there is still a small strip from the swimming trunks on the star’s body, but the fans, on the contrary, praised her, as this means that she does not allow herself to sunbathe naked.

In previous post The 49-year-old star chose caramel-colored silk trousers, a red jacket, black heeled sandals for a romantic evening, and a black Hermès Kelly bag was seen in Vergara’s hands.

Sophia’s corset attracted particular attention of fans – she matched the ensemble in warm colors with a black minimalist corset with curly cups, which emphasized her feminine figure. Sophia and Joe went to Craig’s restaurant.

Henry Cavill published a photo with his beloved -


Henry Cavill published a photo with his beloved. The fan-adored Witcher is not alone.

British handsome actor Henry Cavill shared a rare selfie with girlfriend Natalie Viscuso on social media over the weekend. The star of the TV series The Witcher and the blockbuster Man of Steel poses in the frame with a flirtatious blonde after a joint run in nature.

“Our Durrell Challenge is officially over! We decided to walk it because I was unsettled by nine laps of hell of two weeks of filming action scenes, and my body is just not ready for a 13-kilometer run!” — signed post-39-year-old actor. The Durrell Challenge is a 13 km race that was first held in English Jersey and has become popular around the world.

Recall that the couple confirmed their relationship in May 2021, when Henry posted a photo in which he and Natalie were filmed playing chess. In the caption to the photo, the actor spared no flattering epithets for his girlfriend, calling her his beautiful love.

In a previous post, British actor Henry Cavill arrived in the Spanish capital yesterday to welcome fans of The Witcher on the red carpet at Madrid’s Kinépolis cinema. The team’s promotional tour of the second season of the hit Netflix show kicked off last week with the world premiere in London, and now Cavill and his colleagues are touring Europe and America. At the Madrid premiere photocall, 38-year-old Cavill looked stunning in a gray Glencheck two-piece suit, emphasizing the elegance of the outfit with a formal matching tie.

The return of the prodigal king: Juan Carlos I visited his native Spain for the first time in two years after his exile -


The return of the prodigal king: Juan Carlos I visited his native Spain for the first time in two years after his exile

This Monday will be one of the most scandalous in the history of modern Spain because it became known that the exiled ex-king Juan Carlos I had returned to Madrid. Someone admired the bold act of the former monarch, but many did not support the actions of the king. At home, Juan spent only four days, and tonight Carlos and I will return to Abu Dhabi.

Recall that in 2014, Huang abdicated and moved to the United Arab Emirates. The visit of Carlos I is most likely connected with the news that two months ago, the Spanish prosecutor’s office announced the termination of the investigation into the financial transactions and machinations of the former king. The court cited insufficient evidence, and the immunity that he secured for himself while on the royal throne also affected the outcome.

Juan arrived in Spain on a private flight and landed at the Vigo airfield on the northwest coast of Galicia. The first footage of the ex-king, who arrived in Spain, appeared on May 19, when he took part in sailing regattas. Carlos, I showed up at the airport wearing a blue jacket, blue shirt, and beige trousers. The king was greeted by his daughter, Princess Helena, who hugged her father tightly after she curtsied. By the way, the owner of the boat club, Juan – Pedro Campos, said that the former king” is very excited about his return .”

However, not everyone was happy with the arrival of the ex-monarch: for example, Spanish Minister of Economy Nadia Calvino condemned the visit of Carlos I. “The information that has become known is very disturbing to the monarchy and power. I believe that he will have to give an explanation,” Nadya is sure.

Kim Kardashian confessed her love to Pete Davidson in an unusual way -


Kim Kardashian confessed her love to Pete Davidson in an unusual way. Perhaps this is how the star hints at their engagement.

Now the star couple, 41-year-old Kim Kardashian and 28-year-old Pete Davidson, are separated by continents: the reality TV star is in Italy, where her older sister Kourtney Kardashian played her third wedding with Travis Barker last weekend, and the comedian stayed in America to film the latest episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL). But Kim found a way to make sure that her lover was always with her.

Before a trip to Europe, Kardashian posted on her account a photo of a fresh manicure with a bright neon pink coating on the ring finger of her right hand; the letter “P” was laid out from rhinestones – the first letter of her boyfriend’s name. In fact, this is not a typical coating option for a star since she usually walks with short nails without varnish. Although Kim only left a smiley face in the form of a manicure under the picture, the star’s followers immediately regarded this gesture as a declaration of love.

And some even thought that in this way, Kim hints at her and Pete’s engagement. So far, the couple and its representatives have not commented on this information.

By the way, at the wedding of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, Kim appeared with a different manicure. Her nails were cut short and covered in soft pink polish. But fans continue to think that Kim and Pete’s relationship has reached a new level.

Spectacular images of the Kardashian-Jenner clan at the Italian wedding of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker -


Spectacular images of the Kardashian-Jenner clan at the Italian wedding of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

On May 22, a magnificent open-air wedding ceremony took place in Portofino.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, who officially got married last week in Santa Barbara, arrived in Italy with their families for another wedding celebration. The bride looked gorgeous in a white D&G Alta Moda mini dress. It was made from lace and a satin corset inspired by 1960s Italian underwear. The long veil was hand-embroidered with an image of the Virgin Mary, which mimics the tattoo on the head of Travis Barker, as well as numerous floral designs. Kourtney Kardashian completed the outfit with a pair of translucent tulle gloves and lace pumps. The groom, contrary to tradition, abandoned outrageous outfits and appeared in a classic dark tuxedo.

Keeping up with the bride, 41-year-old Kim Kardashian looked no less spectacular in a black lace dress paired with a gold jeweled cross. For an elegant look, the businesswoman chose to remove her platinum curls upstairs.

Walking Kourtney down the aisle, Kris Jenner wore a stunning 2021 D&G Alta Moda pale pink gown with feathered, flared sleeves that cascaded down and shimmery sequins for a stunning silhouette.

Kendall Jenner looked dainty in a vintage outfit from the Maison’s Fall/Winter 1998 collection. The beige silk dress was embellished with floral appliqué and fluttering butterflies. The model’s chestnut curls were styled up in a high hairstyle; the image was also complemented by long arrows and a beige lip liner, creating an ombre effect.

Kylie Jenner chose a silvery floral dress with thin black straps. The make-up was in perfect harmony with the star’s outfit; plum shadows and dark brown matte lipstick were combined with shades of flowers on the dress. White flower drop earrings with round gold bases completed the striking look.

Sarah Jessica Parker explains why she never talks about her marriage to Matthew Broderick -


Sarah Jessica Parker explains why she never talks about her marriage to Matthew Broderick. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick met in 1991, shortly after she split from Robert Downey Jr. The Parker brothers, Pippin and Toby, founded the Naked Angels theater company, and Broderick took part in their work. The couple started dating a few months later. In 1996, Parker and Broderick starred together in How to Succeed in Business Without many efforts, their first acting project together, and married the following year. They had a son, James Wilkie Broderick, in 2002 and, seven years later, twin daughters Tabitha Hodge Broderick and Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick.

How does a star couple manage to live in love and harmony for such a long time? Sarah says that she and Matthew are “just trying to be respectful of each other.” In addition, both of them carefully guard their personal lives and do not discuss marriage with journalists. But recently, both of them unexpectedly agreed to talk to The Hollywood Reporter, the reason being the Plaza Suite, a Broadway production in which Parker and Broderick are back together after many years, when Parker was asked if she or her husband were worried that working together would cause people to ask questions about their personal life.

Parker and Broderick have been married for 25 years, and many people see their romance as proof that even celebrity relationships can last a very long time. Now that they’re playing together again on Broadway, the actors joke that the old scheme for a happy marriage needs to be revisited.

Tilda Swinton, Sharon Stone, and other stars with the most beautiful anti-aging makeup and styling on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival -


Tilda Swinton, Sharon Stone, and other stars with the most beautiful anti-aging makeup and styling on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. These celebrities proved by their own example that bright lipstick, eyeliner, and Malvinka hairstyle can look appropriate on those who are 45+.

Over the past five days of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, many celebrities have appeared on its red carpet in incredibly beautiful outfits and jewelry, whose images were complemented by makeup and styling created by professional stylists and makeup artists. We have prepared a small digest of the most luxurious beauty images of stars who have already crossed the 45-year mark, but at the same time, each of their appearances causes a storm of delight. See for yourself!

Tilda has a rather non-standard beauty, but she attracts by her originality. In addition, few stars, even young ones, are ready to shave their whiskey and make a mohawk, not for a role, but to walk like that in life. Swinton always manages to accentuate her Nordic beauty in a very elegant way with minimal make-up and an emphasis on bright lips. This time she chose red lipstick, which fits perfectly into her laconic look.

Eva has very expressive eyes, which she always emphasizes in her make-up, and the red carpet of one of the days of the Cannes Film Festival was no exception. Makeup in brown tones perfectly harmonized with Longoria’s light tan, and her hair was collected in “Malvinka.” It would seem that such styling suits younger girls, but Eva destroys these conventions, proving that the main thing is to be able to “cook these dishes” correctly.

Rihanna is going to move to Barbados to raise her son at home -


Rihanna is going to move to Barbados to raise her son at home. The boyfriend and father of the child of the pop diva are ready to follow his beloved. According to close acquaintances of Rihanna and rapper A$AP Rocky, the singer plans to raise her newborn son in her native country – Barbados.

Insiders told The Mirror that the 34-year-old singer will stay in Los Angeles for the next three months and then move to the Caribbean with her boyfriend so that their baby “calmly grows up away from the world of show business and the ubiquitous paparazzi.”

The publication reports that Rihanna has already decided which school her son will go to in a few years. However, it is not yet possible to ask the singer questions directly from journalists because the newly-made mother ignores the appeals of the press and hides the name of the child who was born on May 13.

Recall that the information that the 34-year-old singer and the 33-year-old rapper will become parents appeared at the beginning of the year when People shared exclusive footage of the lovers. According to TMZ, the couple’s first child was born on May 13 in Los Angeles. His name is still kept secret. Despite the last trimester of pregnancy, the Barbadian singer continued to actively go out, demonstrating to the whole world how, in her opinion, a girl in position should dress. The last time she was seen in public, on May 9, she disappeared from the paparazzi’s radar. The mother-to-be even went shopping for girls’ baby clothes to cover the tracks, sparking rumors that she and A$AP Rocky were expecting a baby girl.

Jordyn Woods Pays A Visit At The White House -


Jordyn Woods went to the White House and fans cannot be prouder of her. Check out the pics that The Shade Room shared below.

Someone said: ‘That baby doing thangs and meeting people,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Oh Kamala was there? Thought she’d still be in hiding.’

A fan said: ‘They just be inviting everyone to that raggedy house,’ and one other follower posted this: ‘its the fact yall letting these politicians play in yall face like they really changed anything ?’

One other follower said: ‘Signing documents without actual execution of the said plan is utterly ridiculous! Not impressed,’ and a fan posted this: ‘I would like to know..why did she get invited to the White House?’

Someone else said: ‘Kamala outside now. Haven’t seen her since she was sworn in.’

Jordyn Woods looks amazing in a Fashion Nova dress and she managed to impress a lot of fans and followers. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account below.

‘Jordyn Woods bodied this @FashionNova look! Head to @FashionNova & search “Statement Moment Velvet Midi Dress” #FashionNovaPartner.’

Jordyn Woods is addressing new guilty pleasure in a new video. Check out the funny addiction that she is talking about.

‘make my matcha latte with me. I have an addiction to matcha and I had to stop going to Starbucks every day I learned to make it at home and I love it because I get to know exactly what goes in it, including how much sugar. I’ve been learning so much more about my body and nutrition and learning to make some of the things you love at home can be a big game changer! Are you team matcha or coffee? Let me know in the comments,’ she wrote.

Queen Elizabeth II, in a hot pink coat dress, attended the Chelsea Flower Show on an eco-friendly golf cart -


Queen Elizabeth II, in a hot pink coat dress, attended the Chelsea Flower Show on an eco-friendly golf cart

Last Monday, Elizabeth II visited the flower show, which was held in Chelsea. The monarch came out in a bright pink dress-coat – to match the event because the Queen looked like a real English rose.

It is worth noting that the exhibition was held using new technologies that helped hide Her Majesty’s problem with movement. The fact is that the Queen, together with the organizers of the exhibition, arrived at the event directly on a golf cart, in other words, a trolley that runs on solar batteries, which is a very environmentally friendly and safe way to power the equipment.

” Adjustments have been made for the comfort of the Queen, ” a Buckingham Palace spokesman warned. It is worth noting that the monarch was accompanied by Princess Beatrice, along with her husband Edoardo Mapelli-Mozzi, as well as Prince Edward and Countess Sophie of Wessex. Also present at the event were the Dukes of Kent and Gloucester, Prince Michael of Kent, and Princess Alexandra. By the way, this exhibition, however, like other high-profile celebrations, was timed to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Queen on the British throne – her Platinum Jubilee.

Surprisingly, the main achievement of the exhibition was the steel frame, shaped like the outline of the Queen’s portrait, which is used on British stamps. By the way, the frame is complemented by 70 terracotta plant pots. The pride of the event, of course, was the Garden of the Royal Air Force Charitable Foundation. It is worth noting that the organization honors and supports British veterans (as well as their families) who fought in World War II for over a hundred years. The garden of the Mind charity foundation, which deals with people’s mental health, is amazed by its beauty. In this garden, everyone can easily find an interlocutor and discuss the advantages of Eco-therapy.

Katie Holmes showed what to go on a date to look at ease -


Katie Holmes showed what to go on a date to look at ease. The actress continues to show a love for simple and stylish looks.

Katie Holmes’ style is loved by the public thanks to a non-trivial approach to basic things, which shows the actress’s ability to combine functionality and elegance. The owner of sophisticated taste once again demonstrated a casual fashionable look that is perfect for a romantic date.

So, for a walk around New York, the actress chose a single-breasted medium-length coffee-colored coat, straight blue jeans, a basic white T-shirt, and black minimalist sneakers.

Previously, Katy was spotted on a date with her new boyfriend Bobby Wooten III in New York. This is Holmes’ first relationship since last year’s breakup with 33-year-old chef Emilio Vitolo Jr.We put together a set of similar items that echo the look of Katie Holmes for cool romantic outings.

However, Holmes arrived unoccupied at the opening party of the new Mango flagship store (the actress has been friends with the brand for a long time). For dinner, the celebrity opted for high-waisted wide-brimmed trousers, a knitted crop top that exposed her press, and a thin striped linen shirt, in contrast to the zero trends. Sandals with a large sole complement a lightweight, comfortable outfit.

Millie Bobby Brown has changed beyond recognition -


Millie Bobby Brown has changed beyond recognition. The ‘Stranger Things’ actress looks nothing like herself.

Many fans of the Stranger Things series – by the way, the new fourth season will be released in a week – believe that off the set, Millie Bobby Brown looks much older than her years.

Usually, this happens due to the fact that the audience gets used to the on-screen image of underage actors, and then they begin to associate them with their favorite characters in everyday life. And when the difference is very big, it disgusts the fans. This happened to Millie, but her love for the beauty experiment only exacerbated the situation.

In two years, the actress turned from a teenager into an adult woman, although at the end of February this year, she was only 18 years old. In addition to the fact that Millie’s figure has changed (she has become more feminine, which is absolutely normal for a girl of her age), she decided to speed up her transition period. She grew and lightened her hair, makeup artists began to give her sculptural makeup, and stylists dressed her in overly revealing outfits.

As a result, 18-year-old Millie began to look many times older than her colleagues on the TV series Stranger Things, and this takes into account the fact that almost all of them are several years older than her. But Brown does not complex in any way about this. In general, she gets the feeling that she really likes all these metamorphoses, but there is some kind of discrepancy between the external and internal.

Naomi Campbell with revealing cleavage and other guests of the premiere of the film 'The decision to leave' in Cannes -


Naomi Campbell with revealing cleavage and other guests of the premiere of the film “The decision to leave” in Cannes. The 75th Cannes Film Festival continues: on May 23, the jury and guests of the event are watching Park Chan-wook’s South Korean film “The Decision to Leave,” about the mysterious death of a man and a detective who is trying to figure out a complicated story.

Star guests came to watch the crime drama: models Naomi Campbell in a couture Valentino dress with a spectacular neckline, Anja Rubik in Saint Laurent from the autumn-winter collection, and Daphne Groeneveld in Zuhair Murad. You can see the outfits of the famous Cannes spectators in our selection of images.

The 75th Cannes Film Festival is in full swing: half of the official program is over, and there is less than a week left before the grand closing of the event. The world premieres of the fantastic film Three Thousand Years of Waiting with Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba in the lead roles and the biographical movie Armageddon Time with Anne Hathaway and Kirill Serebrennikov’s new work Tchaikovsky’s Wife have already died down.

Last weekend, Cannes’ active life was not stopped, and the stars did not go to the seashore to enjoy a relaxed holiday, there were still photo calls with film teams and the red carpet at the Palais des Film Festivals was crowded. U Magazine shows what celebrities wore during premieres, social events, and walks around Cannes.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Baker Get Hitched; Brother Rob Missing in Attendance -


The Kardashian’s are some of the most famous people in today’s world. With all that fame and fortune, they’ve truly made a name for themselves throughout multiple countries. Just like their fame, you can always expect the Kardashian’s to have big fancy events. Their wedding took place in Portofino, Italy. It could not have been more romantic.

Recently, it was reported that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Baker got married. Although they seemed to get married a while ago, they claimed they were “just practicing”. They officially got married a while ago and the world rejoiced. But Rob Kardashian was visibly absent from the wedding which caused quite the controversy between the fans of the show “Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s”.

Rob has always been very close to Kourtney. Since they’re siblings, it was essentially strange for fans to see him absent from her wedding. Everyone else including Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Kendal Jenner as well as many others of the family members.

Rob Kardashian was no where to be seen during this wedding ceremony. Fans thought this was strange since Rob would want to be a part of his sister’s wedding. But as it turns out, Rob Kardashian, despite being a part of the Kardashian family, did not like the spotlight on himself. Rob has never been seen on episodes of “Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s”, so he is known for being exceptionally camera shy. So, it would make sense that while he wanted to be involved, he didn’t because the spotlight would have made him uncomfortable.

This however did not stop him from still being a part of the ceremony as he hopped on a facetime call with his sisters. It has also been said that Rob Kardashian will make an appearance on “Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s”. He was recently seen in an episode of the show on Mama Kris’s birthday. At first, fans couldn’t see him as well because he was hidden behind Khloe but then a glimpse was caught of his smiling face and of his tattoos during a toast.

Although he was not there, Rob Kardashian wishes the best for Kourtney and Travis and sent all of his love.

Calvin Harris No Longer on The Market. Introducing Fiancé Vick Hope -


The superhero of every aspiring DJ, Calvin Harris was seen with his Girlfriend Vick Hope at the Chelsea flower show. The couple seemed to be having a delightful time with each other on 23rd May, but that is not what caught the world’s attention. It was the big sparkling rock on Hope’s 3rd finger which revealed to the world that Calvin Harris is officially off the market. That’s right, at the ripe age of 38, one of the most accomplished DJ’s in the world has decided its time to settle down.

Harris owns his own farm in Ibiza by the name of Terra Masia and it is reportedly there that Mr. Harris popped the question to turn Miss Hope into Mrs. Harris. The couple had ben together for almost 5 months. Some may object to the longevity standards here, but as the old saying goes, when its right, its right.

Funnily enough, this relationship didn’t always look like it was meant to be. In an interview, Hope revealed that Harris had asker her out when she was the age of 19, but she refused because she was young and shallow and not entirely a fan of Harris’s presentation.          At the time, she didn’t believe that Harris will have much of an impact and wanted to pursue someone who would. Naturally, she was proven to be wrong and thankfully for all our hearts, the second chance given to this relationship was destined to succeed. Reports are coming in that plans for the wedding are in full swing between Hope and her mother. It is also reported that the wedding will be held in Ibiza, a place of great significance to the couple. Both of them have spoken about on previous occasions that Ibiza is the place they most want to spend the rest of their lives in.

Both Harris and hope have had years long relationships prior to this one which ended bitterly. Harris dated Aarika Wolfe, the model while Hope dated Singer and songwriter Tom Rosenthaul. No news of a wedding date has been leaked as of yet, but the people are keeping their ears perked.

Kanye West Remains a Full Time Super Dad. Melts Fans Hearts. -


Kanye’s public life has always remained a subject of controversy, whether it’s been public outbursts or social media melt downs, the Chicago rapper has always managed to find a way to keep himself in the spotlight.

The most recent major development in the artist’s life occurred in February 2021 when Ye’s wife and reality TV star, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce, and requested for joint legal custody of their 4 lovely children. What followed was a year of much back and forth between the couple on social media and in life.

However, of all the wrong ways Kanye manages to keep the attention of the public on him, he’s also got some right ways, the most popular of which are his over-the-top gestures for those he holds close to his heart. One such example of behavior from the rapper was seen on an episode of, “The Kardashians” which aired on 19th may on the Hulu network.

Ye pulled up to his daughters to take them to school, but in classic Kanye fashion, he chose to do it in a fire truck. Ye’s two daughters, North and Chicago are seen beaming with excitement. The Father-Daughters Trio sits in the back of the Truck while wearing firefighter helmets and Chicago and North are seen having the time of their lives. Even mom steps out to shoot a video of what will probably end up being one of their fondest memories.

While the people are very polarized in the Kim vs Kanye debate, a lot of people on the internet came together to agree that Kanye’s gesture for his kids was heartwarming and despite whatever he does in his public life, he remains a very devoted and loving father to all of his kids.

Kanye remarks, “I think some people are kind of bashful to be super dads. Everybody wants to be a cool dad and sometimes you gotta, like, wear the fire hat. You know what I mean? Sometimes you gotta wear the Easter bunny costume.”

The divorced couple together have 4 children North West, age 8, Saint West, age 6, Chicago West, age 4, and Psalm West, age 3.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

After Testimonies From two of His Exes, Johnny Depp Prepares to Hear the Testimony of a Third ex: Kate Moss -


The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues to generate massive buzz all over the internet, especially as it enters its concluding week. However, interesting developments continue to occur in the final week, with one of the late ones being the potential testimony of Depp’s old flame, Kate Moss.

The two stars were in a romantic relationship from 1994 till 1997. With successes of both stars piling on at the time, the pair were one of the most famous and most adored couples of the 90s. The two met in New York in 1994 when Depp was 31 years old, and Moss was 20 years old. After their breakup in 1997, Depp mentioned in an interview in 1998 that he was at fault for the was that relation unfolded, the Pirates of the Caribbean star said, “I’m the one who has to take responsibility for what happened – I was difficult to get on with, I let my work get in the way and I didn’t give her the attention I should have done.”

While Moss certainly wasn’t happy with how things turned out, she never made claims of Depp being violent or unhinged. This is consistent with the testimonies of Depp’s other 2 exe: Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis. Both women, in their statement to the court, maintained that Depp was the farthest thing from a violent person.

The name of Kate Moss was dragged into court when Heard communicated to the jury that she had heard rumors of Depp pushing Kate Moss down a flight of stairs sometime during the course of their relationship.

Depp’s legal team seemed far from concerned, rather they showed signs of relief upon this mentions since they now get to call Kate Moss to the stand in order to testify against this statement, and given the statements of Depp’s previous 2 exes, it hardly seems like Mr. Edward Scissor Hands have anything to worry about.

DC Films President Denies Any Influence of Court Trial Between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp on Upcoming Aquaman 2 -


The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues to circle the news with the latest development involving a testimony via video deposition from the president of DC films, Walter Hamada.

The Depp vs Heard trial has its roots reaching back to December 2018. At the time, Amber Heard mentioned in an Op-ed for The Washington Post that she is a survivor of Domestic Abuse. There was nothing written in the article directly accusing Johnny Depp but the Pirates of the Caribbean star claims that the article was very obviously pointing towards him even there was no names mentioned. As a result, Depp claims that his reputation was severely damage resulting in his loss of several movie rolls. This is the basis for Depp’s $50 million lawsuit against his ex-wife.

Heard on the other claims that she has been suffering a reputation crisis as a result of this entire situation as well and has lost movie roles including a significant amount of footage in the upcoming Aquaman 2. This is the basis for her $100 million countersuit against her ex-husband.

On this angle specifically, DC films president testified in court that Heard’s role in Aquaman 2 as “Mera” was not altered in anyway due her current situation with Depp. Walter Hamada made it clear that since very early drafts of the movie, which were made all the way back in 2018, Heard’s role was not to be a significant one. The movie was always envisioned to be a buddy comedy between stars Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson instead. He also pointed out that this initial decision of a lesser role was due to concerns over Heard’s chemistry with the lead Jason Momoa more than anything else.

As the trial approaches closing statements on Friday, 27th May, people all over the internet continue to follow the story. The people remain polarized but only one side can benefit from the judge’s decision in the end.


Armie Hammer's sex scandals to be investigated in new documentary series -


Armie Hammer‘s sex scandals to be investigated in new documentary series. It became known that a series under the working title “House of the Hammer” is in production, based on accusations of 35-year-old actor Armie Hammer of sexual abuse, as well as telling about a family empire that raised a pet of women with strange habits. “Debauchery. Deception. Abuse. Addiction. Corruption. For five generations, the men in the Hammer family have had more secrets and scandals than any vault can hold,” the streaming platforms said in a statement.

One of the themes is Hammer’s relationship with Courtney Wuciekovic, well described by the quote,” he wanted to break my rib, barbecue it and eat it.” “He says, ‘I want to take a bite out of you.’ If I had a small cut on my hand, he would like to suck or lick it,” said the girl. Armie Hammer has been ruled out of several television and film projects since allegations of sexual assault were brought against him in January.

The Social Network star was also accused last year of “forced” sexual intercourse with a woman named Effy. He also allegedly sent several women sexual messages about rape and cannibalism. Hammer had previously cited a penchant for rough sex but went on to claim that marrying Elizabeth Chambers changed his tastes.

Hammer tied the knot with their wife Elizabeth Chambers in 2010, and they separated in 2020.

Jennifer Lopez burst into tears because of the dismissive attitude of the organizers of the award 'Oscar. -


Jennifer Lopez burst into tears because of the dismissive attitude of the organizers of the award ‘Oscar.’ We all know Jennifer Lopez as a strong and vibrant woman, but sometimes even her character gives way. The star put on a manly face as usual after failing to receive a 2020 Oscar nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category.

But in reality, the superstar was devastated by the rejection, as she was sure she wowed critics with her role as a seductive schemer in The Strippers. The artist first spoke about the depth of her experiences in the Netflix documentary Halftime, which is scheduled for release next month. In a new trailer for the story, which was released on Wednesday, J.Lo is seen sobbing in bed after being rejected by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

And although the world star has a multi-million army of fans, few people could believe that she suffers alone because of her complexes. Jennifer has long struggled with doubts about her career; she spoke about the problems back in 2018.

This situation was especially offensive because Jennifer was considered a 100% contender for the coveted statuette after she impressed critics with her transformation into an insidious stripper named Ramona. However, the star did not receive the expected statuette in 2020, and the nominees Laura Dern, Kathy Bates, Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, and Margot Robbie took her place. Jennifer, for a long time, tried to achieve a serious relationship with herself as an actress, despite her recognized roles in many films. Meanwhile, her screen career suffered a major setback after she co-starred with future husband Ben Affleck in the 2002 rom-com Gigli, which was literally destroyed by many critics and even considered one of the worst films of the decade.

Amber Heard had commented on the rumors about the affair with James Franco when she was married -


Amber Heard had commented on the rumors about the affair with James Franco when she was married.

The showdown between Johnny Depp and Amber Gerd continues. During a new court hearing, the actress responded to accusations that she had an affair with James Franco while married to the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

Recall that more than a year ago, a video appeared on the network of how Amber and James met at night and headed to the penthouse, where the actress lived with Depp, who was absent that day. Then the man accused Heard of treason, and this is what she says about it now.

According to the blonde, she was close friends with Franco because they worked together in two films and lived nearby. On that day, she allegedly needed support because she was suffering from a crisis in her relationship with Johnny. That is why she turned to James.

Amber said of that night, noting that there was a purely platonic relationship between her and Franco.

He further explained what the Pirates of the Caribbean star did when he found out about the scenes. There was, how could I tell him when I had any such scene, and I told him on that occasion. He was angry with me, but he was not on the phone. He was yelling at me, ‘How can you! How can you tell me when I’m filming this scene when I’m working. “I instantly told him it was relevant, but he said,” How can you tell me that. ‘It was like I told her I had an affair. He began to associate less with reality because these arguments would be over the phone.


Why didn't Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi display pictures of their daughter Sienna -


Why didn’t Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi display pictures of their daughter Sienna? For members of the royal family, posting photos of their newborns is pretty standard. However, Princess Beatrice and her husband, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, decided to deviate from the rules, so fans of the British crown still do not know what their daughter Sienna, who was born in September last year, looks like. Moreover, the baby was secretly christmas in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. According to experts, the ceremony was closed and only the closest relatives were present.

“ Princess Beatrice is not a working member of the royal family, so she has chosen to lead a more private lifestyle. She shares some personal news on Twitter, but is not expected to post regularly. If she decides to share a photo of Sienna, then it will be her personal decision ,” the royal expert explained. It is worth noting that Beatrice’s sister, Princess Eugenie, welcomed her first child, Augustus Philippe, in February 2021. Of course, York shared a photo of a newborn baby on her social networks. But Princess Beatrice decided to make her personal life more confidential and is trying to protect her daughter Sienna from unnecessary attention.

However, Yorkskaya does not give up her royal duties and has repeatedly appeared in public after the birth of her daughter. In december, princess Beatrice attended a chrismats concert with Edoardo Kate Middleton in London. And at the end of November, the York family visited Hyde Park. The princess ate hot dogs and walked with a stroller at the Christmas market. But the recent move of Beatrice and Edoardo is another sign that the couple are striving for a quieter life. The couple reportedly moved from St. James’s Palace to the beautiful countryside of the Cotswolds. According to experts, the new cottage cost the family $3.75 million.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his lover went on holiday to France -


Leonardo DiCaprio and his lover went on holiday to France. Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio and his beloved model Camila Morrone decided to relax in the south of France. Popular actor Leonardo DiCaprio gave himself a  vacation, going to the French resort of Saint Barth. Of course, the man flew to rest not alone but accompanied by his girlfriend, model Camila Morrone.

Although the star couple chose the most elite and less populated resort in France, they still could not avoid the paparazzi cameras. Almost every day, fresh photos of the couple taken by journalists appear on the network. By the way, this does not bother Leonardo and Camila at all; they behave in front of the cameras absolutely calmly and naturally. Moreover, the stars are constantly hugging and kissing; it seems that the couple is on a honeymoon.

This time the lovers have chosen for themselves a very calm and measured rest without activities. They spend almost all their time sunbathing on the beach and occasionally swimming in the warm ocean. DiCaprio prefers not to expose his personal life to the public. The man maintains his account solely for scientific and informational purposes. The actor shares with subscribers the environmental problems that arise in the world every day. By the way, because of this, a scandal erupted on the network.

A few days ago, a Hollywood actor and model was captured on a yacht in the same resort. And everything would be fine, but this type of transport is extremely unecological. This superyacht was chartered by a celebrity for a private day out.

It turns out that this type of transport, passing only 11 kilometers, emits so much carbon into the environment that it can be compared with the gasoline engine of a car that is used every day for a whole year! It is not clear how the most ardent fighter for the preservation of the ecological situation in the world allowed such negligence by choosing this type of transport.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's wedding was sponsored by Dolce & Gabbana -


Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker‘s wedding was sponsored by Dolce & Gabbana. The Kardashian family knows firsthand how you can turn the happiest moments of your life into a profitable business proposition. So, the magnificent and long-awaited wedding of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker was sponsored by luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana in a lucrative and exclusive deal. Members of the clan were repeatedly photographed in outfits from the famous brand ahead of the ceremony, which took place in the Italian seaside village of Portofino.

The unexpected transformation of the couple into bold looks against the idyllic backdrop of the Italian Riviera is sure to bring millions to the company, which has been criticized more than once in recent years. Even the natural wood boats that took guests to the picturesque harbor were furnished with accessories from Dolce & Gabbana, such as animal-print pillows and towels. The Italian house was directly involved in organizing all aspects of the magnificent wedding celebration, which has already been dubbed the main event of the year in the world of show business.

Moreover, Kourtney and the tattooed drummer from the band Blink-182 stayed on the superyacht Regina d’Italia, owned by Stefano Gabbana himself. Staff carrying black bags and briefcases emblazoned with the Dolce & Gabbana logo entered the medieval castle, which offers breathtaking views of Portofino harbor and the Mediterranean Sea. And three days ago, a Galleria d’Arte boutique opened in the market square near the harbor in Portofino, fueling public interest in the wedding. The store will be open for three months and will feature items from current collections aimed at promoting the brand to wealthy tourists who flock to the idyllic fishing village.

On the eve of the wedding, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker went on vacation to Italy -


On the eve of the wedding, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker went on vacation to Italy. Kourtney Kardashian and her fiancé Travis Barker are getting ready to tie the knot. However, before an important event with close friends and family, the star of the TV show joined the drummer on a yacht in Portofino. The Couple exchanged kisses and relaxed in the sun, enjoying the picturesque Italian landscapes.

The newly-made spouse tenderly expresses her feelings in the most unobtrusive way. So, she wore a T-shirt with the logo of his group Blink-182 along with black leggings and sunglasses, and the musician was shirtless, exposing his many tattoos. The company of lovers was made up of Courtney’s children from past unions – 12-year-old Mason, 9-year-old Penelope, and 7-year-old Rain. It is not yet completely clear whether her former Scott Disick, who gave the star happy heirs, will be on the guest lists.

One thing we know for sure is that the famous family will not miss the long-awaited wedding of the 43-year-old beauty. Mom Kris Jenner was already walking around the deck in a long transparent black dress with a star print. And soon, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Kendall, and Kylie Jenner should join her. The gentle ceremony will take place at the Castello Brown, overlooking the harbor of Portofino. However, among other things, the Couple is planning a special reception at home in Los Angeles.

In a tender black-and-white photoshoot from the scene, the Couple made it clear that they would be together until “death does them part. ” After so many years, Courtney has finally found family happiness, and her engagement ring will be a reminder of these beautiful days for a long time to come.

Chris Evans honors National Rescue Dog Day with his dog Pooch Dodger -


Chris Evans honors National Rescue Dog Day with his dog Pooch Dodger. Everyone’s favorite Avenger couldn’t protect his heart from puppy love when he made eye contact with a stray dog ​​from a shelter in 2017. Five years later, Chris Evans posted on Instagram another adorable snapshot of his beloved rescue pet Dodger in honor of National Rescue Dog Day. The famous superhero is clearly not afraid of obstacles next to his faithful furry friend.

Even while traveling by car, the boxer mix finds support on the shoulder of its famous master. The story of friendship began at the Savannah Animal Shelter during the filming of the drama film The Gifted, which celebrates the theme of fatherhood.

In February 2019, as part of a similar celebration dedicated to Love Pets Day, Evans dug up a video on social media of his first “hanging out” at the shelter with Dodger, then named Benny. The lead actor in Captain America couldn’t contain his emotions as he told fans about his kindest boy:

“He stayed there for about a month. I can’t believe no one took it before! “- the famous actor is perplexed. Now Chris can clearly be proud of another bright achievement in the spirit of his character from Marvel Comics because next to him, the abandoned dog finally found a family.

Porsha Williams Has An Important Message About Breonna Taylor -


Porsha Williams has an important message about Breonna Taylor. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account below.

Someone said: ‘I swear she couldn’t of been my sister or anything.. them cops and their families would have to leave town.. Eye for an eye.’


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A post shared by Author 📚 (@porsha4real)

A commentrer posted this: ‘Indeed. We must get Daniel Cameron defeated in the upcoming elections. I was totally surprised to see the judge who signed the warrant without asking any questions, Mary Shaw, won her primary. Let’s go people!!’

One other follower said: ‘Her name is still trending….. @danieljaycameron She has not been forgotten.’

Someone else said: ‘You know i pray that they dont sleep or eat God wrath is worser then man punishment but justice also it be served as well.’

A fan said: ‘Don’t Worry They Will Serve A Lifetime When Their Souls No Longer Belong To They’re Body.’

Someone else said: ‘This needs to be more widely discussed— and the scam artist of the century BLM Patrisse Khan-Cullors.’

Porsha Williams shared a photo featuring her daughter, PJ, that will definitely make a lot of fans’ day. Check out the post that she shared on her IG below.

‘Throw back thursday!! Whew I got baby fever looking at these pics of my whittle princess @pilarjhena,’ Porsha captioned the post that she shared via her social media account.

Someone said: ‘Go head sis u still young @pilarjhena need somebody to boss around anyway u r a gr8 mom @porsha4real’ and a follower posted this message in the comments: ‘Congratulations. So happy for you guys’

A follower said: ‘Girl, don’t say that too loud, them swimmers DO NOT miss,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘The way you cleared that plate on the last slide.’

Kurt Cobain's guitar from the 'Smells Like Teen Spirit video sells for $4.5 million -


Kurt Cobain‘s guitar from the ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit video sells for $4.5 million.

One of the musician’s favorite instruments. On May 22, Julien’s “musical” auction took place in New York. The Fender Mustang guitar from Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video was the main lot for $4.5 million.

Collectors from all over the world traded for the instrument – as a result, he “left” the entrepreneur Jim Irsay. He paid $4.5 million for the guitar, which is $600,000 more than the original cost. A portion of the proceeds will go to Kicking The Stigma, a mental health foundation.

“I’m left-handed. It’s not easy to find a quality left-handed guitar at a reasonable price. Of all the guitars in the world, I like the Fender Mustang the most.” This guitar was used not only in the video but also during the recording of the albums “Nevermind” (1991) and “In Utero” (1993).

In 2021, the record “Nevermind” was re-released in honor of the 30th anniversary. In April, the debut release of the group 3rd Secret, which consists of ex-Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, was released. Cobain played the guitar in Nirvana’s wildly popular 1991 video for Smells Like Teen Spirit, which features a high school pop rally that turns into a chaotic pit, leading to the band’s album Nevermind. Helps sleep within a few weeks of the video release.

Gabrielle Union's Pics Featuring Kaavia James Will Make Your Day -


Gabrielle Union‘s pics featuring Kaavia James have fans in awe. Check out the photos that she shared on her social media account below.

‘When @kaaviajames started smiling like this, it came outta the blue and none of us could figure out why she was doing it. Now I get it. She’s been trolling meeeeeeee swipe to see how Kaav thinks I smile. It really be your own kids! #ShadyBaby,’ she wrote.

Someone said: ‘You look like you could be my long lost cousin or sumthin #twinning.’

A commenter psoted this: ‘would you liketo go out with me tomorrow night?’

One other follower said: ‘My daughter do the fire Marshall bill smile too @gabunion.’

A fan said: ‘Too cute I saw it before even reading the caption! @kaaviajames is baus.’

Gabrielle Union is priaisng Rochelle Ballantyne. Check out the latest reports about the lady whom she praised lately.

The Shade Room notes that ‘Today’s #WCW has the beauty and the brains. Rochelle Ballantyne is a 26-year-old law student and chess expert, who plans to become the first Black woman chess master in the U.S. As if studying law wasn’t enough of a challenge, Rochelle’s new goal with the game of chess has become inspirational to girls everywhere.’

TSR also said: ‘Over the past 10 years, Rochelle has been trying to attain a rating of 2200 and has another opportunity to do so in about 4 months. What once was just a friendly competition between her and her grandmother, quickly grew into a personal love for the game and hopes to inspire other young Black girls. Her dedication to the game despite the challenges within an industry that lacks diversity is admirable and shows how you can do anything you want as long as you set your mind to it.’