Thursday, April 28, 2022

Zendaya Reveals How Tom Holland Supported Her During the Tough Filming of 'Euphoria' -


She revealed in an interview with ELLE Australia last year, There was no breeze to watch the second season of Euphoria, so it’s no wonder that it was even more challenging for the film, especially for Zendaya. Presenting a very crude, unshakable fact of drug addiction, Rue’s character had a personal impact on the actress.

Fortunately for Zendaya, she had a great asset network, including her actors and crew, but most of all, she had Tom Holland, who was with her every step of the way.

Usually, Tom Holland and Zendaya hide the details of their relationship from prying ears, but fans know that everything is fine with them. The 25-year-old actress walked the red carpet at Euphoria’s For Your Consideration on Wednesday. She spoke in an interview about the role her boyfriend played in her emotional state. In Euphoria, the Disney star was able to reincarnate as a schoolgirl with a drug addiction who is trying to live soberly and at the same time build close relationships with friends, family, and her ex-girlfriend. “I think it’s great to have support and love around you because you need it,” Zendaya told Entertainment Tonight. 

It is Tom who helps her not to drown in the dark moments that envelop her on-screen heroine. “It’s not an easy job, so it’s good to be able to get rid of its pressure from time to time,” she added.

The support of loved ones is very important, especially when the couple was in close friendship before the official announcement of their romance. Therefore, when in 2021, the press caught the lovers having a hot kiss in the car, everyone understood that this was fate. The main obstacle to their joint happiness was the increased attention of the press. Still, celebrities are trying to accept the circumstances with dignity.

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