Wednesday, April 20, 2022

What is Kim Kardashian accused of online today -


Kim Kardashian is a constant heroine of scandals. Perhaps because of this, she built her career. And what this time?

Netizens hated Kim due to the fact that she came to relax with the children in Disneyland. So, it would seem, what is it? But for this, the star bought VIP tickets, because of which all other visitors had to wait while the Kardashian family ride alone on the rides.

This practice is not uncommon for the rich – including celebrities – as they pay thousands for guided tours with preferential access to the ride lines and private space away from other ordinary guests.

A video on TikTok, where the Kardashian family rides the Tea Cups ride alone, received a great response; although the rest of the seats were free, no one was allowed in. “When the Kardashians come to ride alone and make ordinary people just watch them… A typical situation.” The video scored about half a million views, and a real scandal erupted in the comments.

“Understand that even Princess Diana did not allow herself this” “Did they rent the entire park for themselves?”, “She should be ashamed,” users write.

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