Saturday, April 30, 2022

Warner Bros. continues to cooperate with Ezra Miller after his arrests -


In early April, rumors surfaced that Warner Bros. may terminate cooperation with Ezra Miller. And all because of an incident that occurred in a Hawaiian bar. It turns out that the actor went overboard and began to rage: he was arrested after he took away the microphone from a woman singing in karaoke and also attacked a man who played darts. The case was quickly settled, and Miller was released after paying $500 bail. However, Hollywood studios immediately drew attention to this episode.

Then, in a number of foreign media, information appeared that after the incident with Ezra, Warner Bros. and DC leaders met at an unscheduled meeting. They had to talk about the further career of the actor. According to insiders, management discussed the possibility of pausing all projects in which Miller is involved. At the same time, officially, Warner Bros. never commented on the situation. However, insiders were sure that the studio would still refuse to cooperate with Ezra.

Miller’s adventures did not end there. On April 19, the actor again took up the old: he came to visit a friend and again began to commit excesses. However, this time it turned out to be much more serious. When a friend of Ezra asked the artist to leave the house, he threw a chair at one of the girls in the room. As a result, the victim received a head injury. Moreover, there was another one between these two cases – and again in Hawaii. Miller broke into the couple’s home, threatened them, and even stole several personal items.

However, despite a whole series of troubles, the leadership of Warner Bros. does not plan to terminate the contract with the unbelted actor. At least, such information was at the disposal of Deadline. Insiders said that the company’s management is not too worried about Miller’s behavior because he is no longer going to appear in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, and The Flash will not be shown in theaters until June 2023. However, the superhero film is still in development, and the studio has no plans to cancel its release or move it to HBO Max.

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