Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Vicente Fernández Jr took a few years off with cosmetic touch-ups on his face -


Mexican regional music singer Vicente Fernández Jr, from time to time, goes to the hospital for treatment to make him look younger

Singer Vicente Fernández Jr has recently been spotted doing some cosmetic touch-ups on his face on social networks, making him look younger. Then, the Mexican went to a hospital where they gave him several injections of Botox.

Mariana Gonzalez Padilla, her emotional companion, was responsible for recording and photographing the moment in which he was being treated. It was also likely to appreciate that the procedure was not invasive and was completed in a short time.

Videos released by Padilla show the singer deciding to focus on the bones of her cheeks and forehead. As a result, the specialist in charge of performing the procedure explained that it was temporary and intended to improve the firmness and eliminate the lines of expression on his face.

Later, the businesswoman also posted that she has undergone treatment to keep her slim figure strong on her social networks. In addition, she emphasized that this is due to the practices she is making to enjoy the Holy Week.

Both outcomes were shared on social networks in posts lasting less than 24 hours. However, users of different platforms took screenshots of these moments and strongly rebuked them.

Many people described him as “ridiculous,” believing that he is too old to perform the aesthetic procedure that people always look young.

This is not the first time that a Mexican singer has performed such a technique because whenever he deems it necessary, he goes to the hospital so that a specialist can inject him with Botox, and thus no further signs of aging appear.

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