Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Two different employees immediately spoke out against Amber Heard in court - yuetu.info


It begins to seem that the legal case of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp will never end. However, the ex-spouses do not give up trying to prove to each other and the public who really was the main villain in this story.

The other day, Depp’s close friend spoke in court, and Hurd’s lawyer revealed the actor’s frightening facts about domestic violence. However, Johnny’s witnesses later appeared at the trial.

So, the former assistant to the actress, Kate James, performed. She worked with Hurd for three years. The girl said that Amber was prone to “attacks of blind rage.” “She regularly yelled at me on the phone and subjected me to a flurry of abusive text messages day and night,” recalled Kate.

She also spoke about the episode when Amber spat in her face. This, as it turned out, was because the girl began to work even harder and asked to raise her salary. Finally, James clarified that she never noticed any abrasions, cuts, or torn hair from her in all the time she collaborated with Hurd.

Amber and Johnny’s marriage counselor later came forward. The couple has been visiting Dr. Laurel Anderson since 2015. At the trial, the specialist said that Heard was repeatedly the first to start a fight, just to keep her lover next to her. “His indifference or leaving was her worst nightmare,” Dr. Anderson explained.

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