Friday, April 1, 2022

Trailer for Netflix's long-awaited animated film 'The Sea Monster -


Netflix has just shown the first trailer for The Sea Monster, one of the most ambitious animated films to be released this summer. Judging by the preview, it seems like the right time to enjoy this beautiful adventure set in the sea.

Netflix will have lost the battle this year with Apple TV+ regarding the Oscars, but it continues to protect itself from its catalog. The streaming platform has announced this brand new sea monster, the latest film from the famous Chris Williams, and which will have a spectacular cast led by Jared Harris, Kathy Burke, Zaris-Angel Hator, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Karl Urban, and Dan Stevens. It will be released on July 8.

 Chris Williams, an Oscar-winning filmmaker responsible for authentic gems such as Moana and Big Hero Six, presented his new project in collaboration with Netflix, which has been defined as a journey that arrives where the end of the card and the real adventure begins. It will take us to a troubled time for humanity, where fearsome creatures wandered the seas, and demon hunters were believed to be true heroes and essential characters when navigating the waters. Among them, the incredible Jacob Holland reads the official synopsis.

However, when young stowaway Maisie Brumble sneaks onto Holland’s legendary ship, he has no choice but to charge with this partner. Jointly they will be forced to launch on an amazing journey across uncharted seas that will drive record. The tape, which will feature the voices of Karl, as mentioned above, Urban, and Dan Stevens, will have a very particular artistic conception, emphasizing the creation of mainly classic creatures, inspired by the illustrations that adorned nautical charts in the 16th and 17th centuries.

The sea monster will debut on the Netflix platform on July 8. Will he be one of the candidates to compete at the next Oscar gala.

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