Thursday, April 28, 2022

To the Rescue: Chris Evans travels to the future in the new 'Buzz Lightyear trailer -


Many people remember how the boy Andy was presented with the coveted space ranger, and the cowboy Woody could not cope with his jealousy. And although the toys argued about the origin of a friend of a friend, THE SECOND trailer of the cartoon of the same name “Buzz Lightyear” will reveal the secret of the origin of the beloved hero. On Thursday, Pixar unveiled the second official trailer for the upcoming sci-fi adventure masterpiece. 

But apparently, the toys were wrong, and we will finally learn about the past of the brave astronaut. He will have to explore the unexplored expanses of the planet, which is located at a distance of 4.2 million light-years from Earth. But he could not even think that he would be in the world of the future after returning, and he would have to save people from the attack of ruthless robots. Fans of cult comics will also be in for good news because Buzz will speak in the voice of Chris Evans. Captain America is no longer the first to surf space, so that we will have a fascinating reincarnation.

Keke Palmer, Dale Souls, and Taika Waititi voice the team of dedicated recruits, while Peter Sohn plays Buzz’s robot companion Sox. In addition, the cast includes Uzo Aduba, James Brolin, Mary McDonald-Lewis, Efren Ramirez, and Isaiah Whitlock Jr.

Director Angus MacLane said in a statement. This is really a dream team. Each of them quickly got into their role, which allowed us to play a little bit while recording. It allowed a level of uniqueness that elevated the story and added depth to the characters’ relationships. “We are proud to work with such a talented and generous cast.

For the director, Lightyear’s world has always been something exciting. In Toy Story, we get an incredible backstory of how he became a space ranger. Still, many fans wanted to explore this world further. The cartoon “Buzz Lightyear” premiere is scheduled for June 17, 2022, but Russian viewers may miss the long-awaited premiere.

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